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Vendon : Could their affordable payment solution disrupt the UK market?

Vendon, the global IoT, telemetry and payment solutions provider based in Riga, Latvia, has introduced an affordable and easy-to-integrate contactless payment solution, which has been created specifically for Vending and Coffee machines. The company believes that the ability to accept contactless payments is an essential part of the tool kit operators need if they are to grow their businesses, hence its move to add payment to its existing IoT and telemetry solutions.

Andrey Sergeyev

To find out more about the new ‘kit’ and to get a feel for the business, PV arranged a virtual sit-down with Vendon’s Chief Customer Officer, Andrey Sergeyev. ‘Vendon Contactless Payments is an ideal solution for Vending and Coffee businesses looking to modernize and optimize their fleets in bulk, as well as for solo entrepreneurs trying out a contactless payment solution for the first time, and for everyone in between’, Andrey began.

‘The Vendon Contactless Payment solution accepts all the most popular types of contactless payment platforms, including contactless credit and debit cards, mobile and smart device payments and crucially, it also works with closed-loop payment systems’, he said. ‘This makes it suitable for any application, from a tabletop coffee machine in an office to a free-standing vending machine in a high footfall shopping centre.’

The intrinsic benefits of the new system are best appreciated when it is paired with Vendon’s IoT and telemetry platform for vending and coffee machines – which, incidentally, the company believes to be the most advanced there is.  ‘Put it all together and operators every tool they need to grow their business’, Andrey said.

Vendon’s IoT solution not only enables the remote management of vending and coffee machine, but also provides operators with a real-time overview of their machine park.  Data-driven decisions can be made and interventions undertaken in the most timely fashion.

The chances are, you could ‘smart-en’ up every vending and coffee machine you have out there, with the same piece of kit: ‘Vendon solutions are compatible with more than seven-hundred machine models from almost fifty manufacturers’, Andrey confirmed.


Starting from €199, the Vendon Contactless Reader is the smart choice for Vending and Coffee businesses who want an affordable contactless payment option that goes toe-to-toe with more expensive market solutions in terms of features, aesthetics, and functionality.

* Vendon Contactless Payments is currently available in the EEA, (European Economic Area), with plans to expand internationally

Coming soon: all you need to know about Vendon: PV takes an in-depth look at a company that has the UK in its sights…

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