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What is Planet Vending?

We are Vending’s Best Read on line vending publication. We write original articles, and publish appropriate press releases whilst keeping an eye on writing standards. We launched in October 2012 and our growth has been organic within vending and our 2000 plus email subscribers receive an email update every Friday.

Who reads Planet Vending?

Pretty much everyone in vending, from operators, to brand managers, to manufacturers, to asset finance businesses, engineers, FM managers, and a whole raft of key influencers in and outside the industry! A recent increase in readership profile has come from within the Facilities Management, OCS and HORECA sectors.

Why should I consider advertising or taking you up on your opportunities?

Well, if you are looking to spend your marketing budget on a publication that’s reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers and unique visitors – then, frankly, you shouldn’t. However if you want to reach the key influencers in the vending and OCS market – then it’s a bit of a no-brainer. Our email update has a 35% open rate every week. Every single article we publish is distributed across our extensive social media platforms including Linked In and appropriate Linked In Groups.

How much does it cost to advertise?

The glib answer is ‘how much have you got in your budget?’ We do have a tariff as below but if you are looking at a campaign that mixes banner adverts with editorial, blogs or sponsorship over a period of time – and have a budget, no matter what size – then talk to us. We know that marketing budgets are stretched tight and we want you to be delighted. The following costs are based on a ‘once only’ or ‘one only’ basis. We apply discounts for multiple coverage.

I like what I read, what opportunities are available?

  • Top Banner, also appears in the middle and now at the foot of the page – costs up to £500 per month. One of ten available rotating slots.
  • Side Banner, can appear in up to three places on either side as the readers scrolls down the home page – also costs up to £500 per month. One of ten available rotating slots.
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Take BOTH Top and Side Banners for only £650 per month.
  • Spotlight on Vendex… If you are exhibiting at any of the Vendex Trade Shows, and want to reach out to visitors in advance, we offer a full page of editorial and images and all submissions are distributed individually and again as an html newsletter just before each show. There is a limit to the number we can take so get in touch asap to book your spot. Costs from £195.
  • Sponsorship of the weekly emailer – costs £185 per week (minimum 2 weeks subject to availability). We have four spots available each week.
  • 60 Second elevator pitch – Record a video and we’ll upload it to our YouTube Channel and publish on the site. £175.
  • Free Sample/Special Offer. Get your products out to the vending operators! – Cost £400. Will be emailed once on a Friday then will stay on the site until you ask for it to be removed (eg. When you have reached your quota). This is a lead generation opportunity and can also be adapted for competition entries.
  • Blog Entries: Send us your blog and we’ll republish from £250 (subject to editorial approval). Discounts available for a series.
  • Feature Articles: We’ll publish your articles from £250- £350. (subject to editorial approval).
  • Press releases: We’ll publish operator ‘news’ free of charge however advertorial or feature articles will usuallt cost from £250. Editor’s discretion. Send what you’ve got and we’ll let you know if we need to apply charges.
  • Vending Directory. One of our most viewed pages, costs only £185 per year. PLUS, we have launched a brand new stand alone Vending Directory that is gaining traction. Pricing depends on type of entry. Claim or add your listing HERE
  • Jobs – give us your vacancy –  Currently FOC
  • Other Services

Professional Writing Service – if you need to have articles, blogs or any other copy or content created professionally, get in touch –we have a team of writers ready to turn your ideas into words that will be read.

Translation/Interpretation services: – We currently have clients from all over Europe who send us ‘translated’ copy that we interpret into great native English content. We can also translate from most European languages direct. So if you are targeting the English speaking market and are unsure if you’re spot on with the complex idioms of the language, we can help. Prices on application.


We ask that all stories submitted are on word documents, a minimum of 300 words (best for SEO), 3 or more images, one of which should by minimum of 980 x 300 pix for the feature image. Jpg, png or gif only.

TOP Banner is 728 x 90 pix

SIDE Banner and sponsorship ad is: 300 x 600 pix.


For submission of a press release or any other feature article, we publish daily however to make it into that week’s weekly round up email on a Friday we ask for submissions to be in by the end of the day on a Wednesday.

Contact us for any other information.

…Plus we are always thinking and we’re always listening – so if you have any other ideas, do talk to us.

Contact Yvonne Reynolds-Young here

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