C4 Energy : Why There IS Room for Another Energy Drink

C4 EnergyC4 Energy : Is there room for another energy drink in the nation’s vending machines? It’s a fair question, even in a period in which we’re seeing massive increases in sales of energy drinks. As ARN’s Allan Walker was quoted as saying in OOH magazine recently, ‘I’m not sure what the driver is behind this growth, but it’s showing no signs of abating.’

No wonder so many manufacturers are eager to add their freight to the bandwagon…

But none of them have the credentials – or the credibility – that is attached to C4 Energy Drinks, as Nutrabolt’s Joe Clay will tell you, when you visit Stand 54 at Elland Road. ‘It’s true that the market for energy drinks is congested right now with a lot of ‘me-too’ offers out there, but that’s because entrepreneurs have sensed an opportunity to flex their marketing muscles’, he says. ‘The difference we bring to the mix is that our heritage is in sports nutrition, not in soft drinks.’

And how… Nutrabolt is, in fact, a global leader in active health and wellness, owns industry-leading sports nutrition brands such as Cellucor, C4® Energy, and XTEND, a top BCCA brand. The C4® product line, which began as a pre-workout powder and, due to its unprecedented success, evolved into a drink in 2018, has now transcended the sports nutrition market to become the fastest growing performance energy beverage in the USA, at the same time as adding to the number of its work-out disciples.

‘C4 Energy is America’s fastest growing energy drink brand and it epitomises Nutrabolt’s mission, which is ‘to maximise human potential through high quality science backed ingredients that deliver both brain and body performance’, Joe says. ‘That’s what this drink is all about.’

C4 Energy
Kevin Hart is a C4 Energy Brand Ambassador

For the gym bunnies: C4 Energy is made in four explosive flavours Twisted Limeade, Orange Slice, Cosmic Rainbow and Frozen Bombsicle. The energy drink is powered by BetaPower®, and other key ingredients that support explosive energy, alertness, and performance. With zero sugar, sodium, carbs and low calories this energy drink is the ideal beverage to conquer your goals both in the gym and in everyday life.

‘It’s not just about working out’, Joe says. ‘We’re growing in the convenience and impulse sectors as well as the gym space. This is a drink that people are enjoying on the go, or while they’re gaming, for instance. C4 Energy is gaining traction and we’re at Vendex to make sure vending operators appreciate where the market is going and understand why this brand – which is backed by the largest privately owned energy product company in the world – is the one that deserves their trust.’

C4 Energy

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