VMC at Vendex

VMC at Vendex : ‘What Else can Contactless Do for Your Business?’

VMC at Vendex will be all about asking one question: ‘what else contactless can do for your business?”

VMC at VendexThe simple fact after the pandemic is that most consumers are more likely to carry a bank card or mobile phone with NFC payment functionality with them every day than cash – and that has directly driven the uptake of contactless payment in vending.

Contactless payment does more than just speed up the transaction, it requires minimal staff intervention and it’s clean and safe. It can also provide additional benefits in the form of reduced machine maintenance, no cash handling or theft issues, faster transfer of funds from machine to bank, and crucially 24/7 data capture providing vital knowledge about your customers and machines. VMC at Vendex are ready to let you get ‘hands on’ with the solution.

VMC has been leading the field in vending payments since 1991, offering flexible solutions for cashless payments on vending and unattended machines. The company’s systems are designed to meet customers’ needs and reduce operational workload.

‘We’ve always been committed to ongoing development and during the pandemic we developed brand new solutions like online ordering and track and trace to support our clients’ changing needs’, VMC Head of Business Development, Laura Barwell said. ‘We make it easy for our customers, with units that are plug and play are very quick to set up and enable your customers to pay with their contactless card, mobile phone and even QR codes. Instant connection via SIM enables immediate service and our acquiring rates are competitive, too.

VMC at Vendex‘Our approach is very much about what else contactless can do for your business’, Laura said. ‘With the power of VMC technology behind it, it can add value in the form of advanced loyalty schemes, detailed customer data capture, bespoke promotions and even green initiatives. It makes sense to choose a contactless solution that delivers this type of added value. Gaining insight into customers and purchasing habits can help operators to grow their sales and increase customer engagement.’

Laura will be part of team VMC at Vendex.  We’ll be on stand 61 and  we’re look forward to seeing you!

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