EVA: Start of Industry Recovery from Pandemic

European Vending Recovery

New report offers the first in-depth look into the pace of the recovery of the European industry since the start of the pandemic

Brussels, 23 September 2022

The EVA is pleased to announce the publication of its new market report on the European vending and Office Coffee Service (OCS) industry.

The new report, covering data up to the end of 2021, offers the first detailed look into the pace of European vending recovery since the early stages of the pandemic for the European industry.

While there is a small growth in the number of machines, there are bigger rises in both the total number of vends as well as a big increase in product revenue compared to 2020, helped by a jump in prices and consumption. Nevertheless, both the vends and revenue remain well below those seen in 2019, and clearly demonstrates that full recovery will take some time yet.

As was introduced last year, the number of European countries included in the report sits at 24, which provides a very comprehensive view of trends across all of the key national markets. An expansion of the data for the profitable Coffee-to-go segment features in the UK country report – where for the moment it’s most developed – and is one of the additions included in this year’s report. Other developments demonstrate continuing technology trends as well as an acceleration in the roll out of certain new innovations, including micromarkets and various payment solutions.

European Vending RecoveryEuropean Vending Recovery

Overall, some selected figures revealed in the latest report can be found below:

  • The total number of machines across Europe has climbed to 4.4 million
  • Italian market again counts the largest fieldbase with more than 818,000 machines.
  • Micromarkets number almost 5,000 across Europe and are showing impressive year-on-year growth.
  • The German market revenue is €2.5 billion, an increase of 5% from 2020 and the largest market by revenue.
  • Blistering compound growth in Ukraine from 2016-21 (of 15% for machine numbers and 20% in revenue) needs of course to be read in context of the current ongoing and devastating war.
  • The underlying growth trends in Poland remain strong as one of the outstanding areas of industry potential. These trends continue with 7% growth in machine fieldbase and almost 20% in revenue compared to last year.
  • The average selling price for a hot beverage has risen by 4.7%

The full study consists of a European vending recovery report outlining the continent-wide trends and developments containing a total of 176 pages, with 24 individual national reports containing each around 20 pages of data.

As always, EVA members have free access to all the reports and can request it directly via the EVA secretariat.

Anyone interested in purchasing or acquiring the report should contact the EVA at

Details of the EVA AGM and conference here

More on the EVA on PV here

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