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Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet September : A Curated Collection of Global Vending Trivia

Tilly’s Travels On T’Internet September 2022 edition:

Hello! And welcome to the latest instalment of Tilly’s Travels On T’ Internet September,  a curated collection of slightly off-the-wall stories from the world of vending..

We’ve now suddenly found ourselves in September. The changing of the seasons may feel different this year, but the world of vending never ceases to amaze us with new products, sustainability promises and random mini items happening every day, all over the world.

I know many people who, like me, work in an office. Some are employed by smaller businesses, others in large corporations – but all of them appreciate their coffee and lunch breaks. They’ll be impressed by Lavazza Professional’s new workplace concept, called ‘Moments’. They deliver a great cup of coffee and create a buzzing workplace environment at the time. I for one, think we need more premium coffee available in the workplace (ok, my workplace) for that Monday morning pick me up, or the catch up over a cappuccino with a colleague. So, Dear Lavazza, can I have one installed in my office? Pretty please… Read all about it here

Tilly’s Travels On T’Internet September
‘Moments’ from Lavazza Professional

We all know that vending machines have a variety of more traditional uses, such as drinks or chocolate bars or hot coffee on a cold day, but did you know that you can now purchase CBD products from certain vending machines? Green Roads are a Florida based company that specialise in CBD and wellness products. They noticed a gap in the market, with advances in technology and a variety of different products being used, it was only right for them to jump on the band waggon. Vending for these types of medical or herbal products is seeing a rise, so do you think that this may be making it’s way across the pond to the UK soon? Take a look at it here.

Tilly’s Travels On T’Internet September

Along with the advances in technology, vending companies are now able to offer fresh produce from certain types of machines. Northern Ireland is promoting the use of such fresh produce machines, in a bid for greater sustainability, eliminating plastic and putting money back into the local economy. This article has rated nine of the best fresh produce machines across Northern Ireland. My favourite pick is Fenella’s Farm, Cookstown. Not only is this the first ever fresh egg vending machine in Northern Ireland, but it also has an Alpaca farm! So, all in all, a great family day out. For the other recomendations, click here.

Now, who else becomes utterly lazy when it comes to doing the washing up? I know I can’t be the only one. Duskin is a Japanese based cleaning product company, that’s recently caught the attention of the public thanks to a bright pink vending machine located in Tokyo. This machine has the attention of many Tiktok users, and the products inside it are none other than the Duskin Sponge. It is said to be game changing when it comes to washing up, although with it being in Japan, I wouldn’t be able to give you an honest review. You can see all of this for yourself, by following this link.

Here’s a product I would absolutely love to see in the UK. A mall in Singapore offers customers the opportunity to purchase premium alcoholic beverages from a self-pouring machine. The company is named Proof&Co, and they provide high quality spirits, with no packaging waste, all without lifting a finger, which cuts out the huge percentage of profit loss. Have a browse at this posh new idea, right here.

ly’s Travels On T’Internet SeptemberReverse vending has been somewhat of a hot topic in recent years, and now, communities are picking up on the buzz! Glasgow Airport has recently announced a new way to recycle litter, and now, a community larder in Lochwinnoch has decided to use this to their advantage. For every piece of litter collected, Glasgow Airport are giving back 5p. Whilst this might not sound like a lot, Lochwinnoch Community Larder was started based upon £3000 that had been collected, and this is providing a great deal of support to the local community. Take an in depth look at this fabulous project, here.

Earlier this year, I was on a mission to find the strangest things that have been found in vending machines across the world, and now, we have a miniature product to add to the list. Introducing this rather entertaining stop motion vending sketch, featuring none other than miniature burgers! Take a look at the sketch from this link right here.

Well, that’s it for Tilly’s Travels On T’Internet September.

For regular updates on the goings on in the vending world, head to Planet Vending, vending’s best read! See you next month folks!

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