Vendex : Three Good Reasons to Visit Radnor Hills, on Stands 105-106.

Vendex : It’s so mad busy at Vendex that visitors need a good reason to visit a stand. Thankfully, we can give you three good reasons to go, with the flow, to Stands 105-106 at Vendex Midlands, where the Radnor Hills team will be ready to greet you.

Radnor Infusions

First, there’s Radnor Infusions. We identified a gap in the soft drinks market for a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, which is why we launched the Radnor Infusions range, a collection of infused sparkling waters, presented in cans, that contain zero calories, zero sugar and zero sweeteners. With four great flavours to choose from – Mango & Pineapple, Raspberry & Black Cherry, Blackberry & Pomegranate and Lemon & Mint – there’s a favourite for everyone.  Additionally, Radnor Infusions are the perfect option for vegans and, thanks to the zero-sugar count, diabetics.

Radnor Infusions consist of carbonated spring water infused with fruit extracts, delivering a healthy but delicious drink into the nation’s vending machines. Try it at Vendex.

Radnor Splash

Then there’s Radnor Splash, a market-leading, zero-calorie flavoured water. Radnor Splash has been around for ten years and the brand continues to grow. In 2021, two bottles of Radnor Splash were sold every second. There are six popular flavours: Lemon & Lime, Watermelon; Strawberry, Apple & Raspberry; Forest Fruits and Orange & Passionfruit. All your consumers will find the flavour that they love! Radnor Splash 500ml bottles are the perfect fit for your vending machines.

Radnor Canned Water

Last, but not least at Vendex, there’s Radnor Still and Sparkling water. We launched this great product in a 330ml can in 2020 and it keeps on growing in popularity. Our aim was to offer the market a more sustainable option: the cans are fully recyclable… Bottled at the Radnor Hills site, using water from the boreholes on the Watkins’ family farm, it is the epitome of ‘bottled at source.’

Canned water may seem unusual; however, we’re convinced it’s the way forward if we want to minimise our impact on the environment. Offering canned water for sale in vending machines encourages consumers to buy more sustainably, and at the same time as highlighting the industry’s increased focus on offering more sustainable products in its vending machines.

So will we see you at Vendex? Here’s hoping!

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