Vendex Midlands 2023 Was a Great Success

Vendex Midlands 2023 was a great success? asks PV Publisher Yvonne Reynolds-Young

Of course it was, but I wonder if our headline could ever be anything but positive?

After 20 years, Phil knows what the industry needs alright, but to be fair, the industry itself knows what works and what it wants:  a venue big enough to move about, exhibitors who offer new and interesting products and services, and a place to get to together to chat, renew friendships and create new connections… Vendex Midlands 2023 offered all of that and in abundance.

Every year we see many of the same faces but it is really heartening to meet the newbies and talk to them to find out what works for them. The ‘old hands’ are not only training the newbies in the ways of vending and unattended retail but the ‘youngsters’ are patiently educating their mentors too. The arrival of contactless technology and the promotion of product through social media has found its way into vending. You only have to look at how many machines are connected to t’internet to realise how much has changed. One reality remains however, and that is that people still buy from people and it was wonderful to get face to face with our existing clients again and to meet new ones after perhaps only seeing them on video conferencing calls for the last few years. Some love the industry so much they move within it and offer businesses experience and knowledge gained. Olly Kears is one such, and it was a pleasure to meet with him at Barry Callebaut with promises to overcome recent challenges.

Oliver Kears

It was fantastic to talk to people like Andy Mayor from Grenade, which has been purchased recently by Mondelez but seems to have allowed Grenade to do what it does best. Andy’s enthusiasm and passion for his products shine out of him and he’s a real pleasure to talk to. His new ‘baby’, Oreo Grenade will be available from ARN, but I did manage to get hold of a few sample bars. I took them back to my host friend who was putting me up during the show and it turns out that the family are all Grenade fans anyway and loved it. I was  an extremely popular guest! And PV editor Ian thought it was fantastic and lived up to Andy’s descriptions… Make sure you order these when you can.

As I made my way round the stands, in my sensible flat footwear, I was struck by the general positivity of the exhibitors. I don’t know if it was coincidence or proof that being subscribed to Planet Vending and taking part in our ‘shout out’ feature – Spotlight on Vendex really works, but their stands seem to be so much busier. In some notable cases I didn’t even manage to say much more than ‘hi’ as I was passing. So, my apologies to those I didn’t chat to… but you know where I am when you need me next.  Jason and Pascal, at Aeguana, I stopped by your stand and was really impressed (thank you for the ice cream – it was delicious) but missed you! And Ash from Carabao, missed you too! Lewis and John from Nayax – I saw you from a distance you but were so busy that I’m sorry we didn’t get to chat. Catch up with you all soon.

Televend stand…also on my list. I did wave though.

We are now looking forward to Vendex North in November and as always we recommend that you book asap as we are reliably informed that as at the end of our visit to Milton Keynes there were only 4 stands left to sell… Here is what organiser Phil Reynolds said about the show.

Phil Reynolds

‘Vendex Midlands 2023 MK was a resounding success. The visitors came and filled the hall and all the exhibitors were happy – so much so the Jenny got re-bookings for 75% of next year’s MK show with the remaining 25% wanting to re-book but couldn’t until they get their next year’s budgets finalised.
To add to this, for the next Vendex in Leeds we only have four stands left with eight months to go….! How about that?’

So, be quick and if you can’t get to exhibit, a visit at least is a must. And, exhibitors, we will of course be running our Spotlight for Vendex North  and it will be a bumper edition as we have reservations already. Here is Midlands 23 and here is last year’s Vendex North

Here are a few images from the show. Vendex Midlands 2023

Vendex Midlands 2023
Kevin Reed and Phelam Curr…and THAT shirt!
Aeguana and zoom in to spot the fabby ice cream…
Good to see Mark again…

Vendex Midlands 2023Vendex Midlands 2023


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‘Customer service is my responsibility and it’s my job to make sure we’re always ahead of deadlines’ she says. ‘My background in big business means I speak the same language as our corporate clients and understand the particular pressures they face when working in the vending arena.’

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