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Tower Leasing : ‘Visit us at Vendex, you’ll be glad you did.’

In the face of a threatened recession, and with inflationary pressures such as they are right now, finance is a constant concern for many vending operators. Enter Tower Leasing…

Tower LeasingNo vending event would be complete without Kevin Reed. Look back through the annals of vending and his face appears again and again, at events like AVEX, The AVA Christmas do, The Vendies and of course Vendex. To name but a few.

It’s been 35 years since he wrote his first vending lease and he’s been at the sharp end of business finance ever since. Now Head of Sales & Vending Specialist at Tower Leasing, Kevin knows the business better than most and he’s acutely aware of the issues with which many operators are grappling.

‘Some companies are experiencing difficulties is acquiring the funds they need to finance their growth’, he says. ‘Covid has had a negative effect on credit-worthiness across the piece and that means vending’s customers are no exception. On top of that, interest rates are rising and many lenders believe that the trend is upwards and therefore that the risk associated with loans is higher.’

‘Tower Leasing has two new products to introduce at Vendex that are specifically designed to help operators navigate through the coming months and years’, Kevin says. ‘I’m not saying too much about them in advance of the event, but I will say that they have some very beneficial facilities included that operators will really appreciate.’

Kevin is happy to share the other Big News from Tower Leasing, though: ‘because of the difficulties some of our customers have experienced in sourcing vans and cars, I’m pleased to say we’re now financing vehicles’, he says, ‘and very competitively, too’.

Kevin is teaming up with Jack McQuillan for Tower Leasing at Vendex and their objective in Leeds will be ‘to remind people that Tower are the best people to be working with, because more deals are accepted’.

‘Some people still think Tower Leasing is a broker, but we’re much more than that’, Kevin says. ‘We’re a finance company with a broking division. That means it’s own our money we’re lending out, it’s our decision and we can – and do – accept what others won’t.

‘Tower is an entrepreneurial business. We’re the only finance company with a truly dedicated division that specialises in vending and we’re flexible enough to roll with the punches. All I’d say to operators is ‘come and have a chat at Vendex. You’ll be glad you did.’

More? Kevin Reed Rises Again at Tower Leasing, from July 2018, is HERE on Planet Vending




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