For Evoca, Vendex will be a Festival of Magic!

Evoca at Vendex North 22

Two stunning new machines will dominate Evoca’s presence at Vendex, and with one called ‘Festival’ and the other ‘Magic’, a visit to Stands 45/46 looks like a ‘must’.

The Necta Festival R290 is being hailed as the smart solution for locations that are required to offer catering services 24/7. Its not so much a vending machine as a genuine automatic canteen. Indeed, its incredible configuration flexibility allows users to choose among snacks, drinks, fresh dishes, fruit and yoghurt. The enhanced electronics of Festival also offer advanced machine and product management capabilities.

Thanks to the extremely efficient thermodynamic properties of the R290 coolant gas preferred by Evoca, Festival is the most energy efficient machine of its type that the company has ever manufactured. Operators are focusing in on Festival R290 as their solution of choice for locations such as hospitals and educational institutions.

Evoca at Vendex North 22

Evoca at Vendex NorthMagic, from Evoca brand Saeco – also gives you the flexibility you need in ever-changing times. Thanks to its sleek design and high-quality finish, Magic delivers a premium consumer experience. Operators will appreciate the familiarity of the machine’s internal layout, thanks to parallels with Necta’s Kalea Plus software. What’s more, the 7” HD touchscreen interface provides access to extensive configuration options, such as customising the recipe, temperature and beverage strength.

Saeco Magic is the informed choice for those looking to satisfy the needs of customers whose offices, due to more flexible working patterns, are rarely bustling as they did before lockdown… Lower coffee consumption in the workplace doesn’t have to mean a reduction in the quality of the drinks, or in the extent of the choices you can offer. It’s all about flexibility.

Evoca at Vendex North 22

And that’s not all… Catch up with the people and products of the Evoca Group at Vendex Leeds, Stands 45/46!

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