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Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet November : A Curated Collection of Global Vending Trivia

Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet November

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Welcome to Tilly’s travels on t’ Internet, a collection of global vending news stories. I hope you enjoy it.

November. The season filled with lights and fireworks, and the nights drawing in early. The world of vending has had some explosive stories, including a Pizza Rebellion, more tales of unlikely Japanese vending and which popular vendied snack some of our British heroes lived off.

Now, the lockdown has produced many innovations in vending. A case in point: restaurant owners in West Sussex have taken advantage of the current climate and started a new venture. The company, Pizza Rebellion, has set up 2 vending machines down Chichester way. These entrepreneurs say they’ve proved that they can bake and deliver fresh, tasty pizza in 4 minutes. These machines are the first of their kind, and they cost less than £10. That’s the pizza, by the way, not the machines. Check out this new Great British Venture.

Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet November

The Legend Food Service have this week proved that vending can help to build a business. The company was built up from the ground and are now the second biggest company in New England selling new and used pinball machines. This has proved how far technology can take a business. Read more of Nick Montano’s report on The Legend Food Service.

What can you reasonably expect to find in a Japanese vending machine? Well, this article gives you an impressive overview. Even more machines have appeared around the Land of the Rising Sun, a consequence of people’s reluctance to enter shops due to the pandemic. . Click here for more weird and wonderful vending products in Japan.

Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet November

Next an innovation that works well for those with less income – and is good for the environment, too. Three companies have formed a coalition in Nayoka, Japan, to use vending machines is to dispense food products that are past their display date, but are still safe to eat. These products are sold up to 50% off their usual retail price. Should we in the Western world consider initiatives such as this like this to tackle food waste and poverty? Check it out here.

Sometimes, shopping can be difficult for individuals with sensory impairments. Atlas Vending have now developed vending machines with Malaysia Association for the Blind. There are multiple locations, with Braille plates and indicator lights with audio instructions for products and payment. Read here to  find out about this amazing venture.

Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet November
Dubai Fashion Week 2020

Kindness is something that we need to spread through the world, and Dubai design week did not disappoint. Two friends have launched a new creative brand, with international fusions, aiming to relate to younger generations. This artwork premiered at Dubai Fashion Week 2020, and they have taken the festival by storm with the power of vending. View this heart-warming story here.

Covid has introduced many changes, from individuals accessing food from vending machines, or artwork promoting kindness, there has now been an urge from medical staff in Australia for clinics to use vending for medications, after an increase of medications being issued online and 11 billion dollars on medication. The aim of these machines is to reduce people’s spending and aid smaller pharmaceutical firms. Click here to read more.

Testing for Coronavirus has been readily available from vending machines globally, and now, scientists and vending entrepreneurs in Singapore are developing vending machines that provide tests for HIV. They believe that HIV prevention tests should be just as accessible as Covid tests. This idea will hopefully end the stigma surrounding HIV testing and referrals. Click here to find out more.

Returning to milk vending with an update from North Wales. Llefrith Nant, located on Anglesey in North Wales has experienced issues with planning permission in the past few months. This month, they have been supported by Anglesey Council. The milk vending machine is set to bring a source of income to the Welsh Village, as well as promote the natural beauty spot. Llongyfarchiadau Llefrith Nant. Find out more here.

Finally for Tilly’s Travels on t’ Internet November, a moment to thank some true British heroes, that survived from vending products. The developers of the AstraZeneca vaccine In Oxford. Whilst attending the Pride of Britain Awards, it was revealed that some scientists were surviving from Mini Cheddars from vending machines. Click here, to find out more about these British heroes.

That’s all folks! See you next month for December’s winter wonderland, Christmas trees and festivities.

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