Another Vendex triumph and a huge welcome back

And in a flash Vendex North 2021 has been and gone.

Our congratulations go to Phil and Jenny Reynolds for the great work on pulling this show together safely. Huge kudos too to every single exhibitor, every single visitor and to all those on the ground organising and making sure that the show was as safe as possible.  PV spoke with Phil Reynolds after the show and this is what he had to say…

‘As we hadn’t held a Vendex for two years due to the pandemic, we honestly had no idea whether the visitors would come as there was also the ‘COVID fear’ factor to take into consideration. We took as many precautions as we could by having 8-9 stand-alone hand sanitising stations around the hall, a bottle of hand sanitiser placed on each stand, face-masks were available at the reception desk and we had two security staff on the door checking Covid vaccination credentials as well as putting a wristband on every visitor to show they had been checked. (Clever. Ed…)

Vendex North 2021
There were queues for miles…

We needn’t have worried, as the visitors came. The reception desk saw a constant flow of visitors and didn’t let up for the first three hours! We saw queues stretching out to the street.

Good to see the aisles buzzing again

The floor was buzzing with the throng of visitors all eager to see the very latest offerings from our industry which hadn’t been standing still since the last Vendex. All the very latest advances in machines and payment technology has come on in leaps and bounds, as has the Micromarket sector.’

Vendex North 2021
Lunching on Baked Potatoes.

We asked Phil if he’d had any early feedback and he shared these quotes with us…

Vendex North 2021

Samantha Scoles -Brita
What a treat to catch up with colleagues and clients at Vendex, thanks to Phil & Jenny Reynolds for a fabulous show. Thanks for having us and see you all next time.
Jess Tozer – Westomatic Vending Services Ltd
What a fantastic day at Vendex this year!
Emma Dow – Pladis
Thank you to all the customers and suppliers for another fantastic day at Vendex. Amazing to see so many and to have everyone involved.
William Webb – Immune Pure Power
Successful day at Vendex trade show in Elland Road Stadium. Looking forward to the next one.
Ian Johnston – Coffetek
Thank you to everyone who visited us at Vendex. We were glad to see everyone again and chat about the latest developments and what’s to come.
Jason Kerr – Fuel 10K
What a cracking day spent at Vendex North yesterday. Like so many of our food and drink friends, we’ve missed the exhibition gig so much. This one did not disappoint. Loved the opportunity to connect with some superb operators and wholesalers.
Tom Williams – Coinadrink
Came across some really great and exciting products and equipment that I am looking forward to developing in the future.
Tony Danna – Three Square Market International.
Really was a great day at Vendex. Great to see everyone again.
Shelly Parker – East Midlands Vending
Great Exhibition today at Vendex.
Adam Bostock – Coca Cola European Partners
What a great day we had at Vendex. A brilliant event and met some brilliant people, operators and suppliers alike.
Rachel Little –  Vianet
It’s been such a good day today at Vendex.

If any of the above exhibitors would like to expand on their quotes or if anyone else would like to share their views of the Vendex North 2021 return, we’d be delighted to hear from them. Contact us HERE

Photos are still coming in but here are a few so far. Submit yours by email to me but in the first instance contact me HERE




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