The Out Of Home Summer Gala

The Out Of Home Summer Gala : The date for the 2023 edition has been set – it’s 8th June

The Out Of Home Summer Gala
Carl Hunter

The Out Of Home Summer Gala : Imagine you’re a Facilities Manager, a Foodservice Manager or an HR professional. You have to respond – and fast – to the commercial equivalent of a three-line whip; your bean-counters need the catering and refreshment facilities streamlined, modernised and future proofed. And it’s down to you.

Where do you start? With the people who design the space, the payment system company; the machine manufacturers or with the brands themselves?

Moving from a traditional solution to an unattended offer is a giant leap for many of those tasked to ‘make it happen’, especially when that means they are coming in cold. They have a lot of catching up to do, and talk about a steep learning curve…

That’s why Kepak, Coffetek, Nebrak and 365 Retail Markets decided to work together: to make it easier for interested parties to grasp the potential incumbent in unattended retail. This desire led to the inauguration of an exciting, high profile industry event – The Out Of Home Summer Gala. It’s an invitation-only gathering that’s attended solely by people who are eager to explore the opportunities.

The Out Of Home Summer Gala
Ian Johnston

‘We’re delighted that the first two Out Of Home Summer Galas have been recognised as important forums that engage with the future of refreshment provision and the here-and-now of unattended retail’, said Kepak’s Carl Hunter. ‘The second event attracted forty-percent more visitors than the opener and we’re anticipating another sell-out crowd next year.’

The event is designed to connect people and facilitate conversations. None of the contributors resort to the ‘hard sell’.  ‘We start in the morning with a session aimed at providing delegates with the latest insights about market developments and technological advances’, Carl said. ‘We paint a picture of potential, but we don’t overdo it. The event is all about the networking and the progressive discussion.

Ian Johnston of Coffetek is a passionate advocate of the event. ‘In my opinion, this is one of the industry’s most enjoyable and essential gatherings’, he said. ‘Each of the contributors brings a unique perspective, providing a day of insight and sharing knowledge.  After lunch, we abandon formality; enjoy the sunshine and discuss what the market is looking like and how we see the future, to a background of live music. What’s not to like?’

The Out Of Home Summer Gala
Paul Howard

Nebrak’s Paul Howard is equally ebullient. ‘The event’s format encourages the breaking down of barriers and shows what can be achieved when businesses work together’, he said.

‘It brings together vending operators, end-users; retailers, specifiers and key decision makers from numerous industries,  in a way that no other trade event can match.

‘The format has a level of transparency, too’, Paul added. ‘Conversations are all taking place with all of the key stakeholders. It slims down ‘the process’ too, from start to finish.  You can have a conversation, there and then with all of those involved, for instance unattended retail experts right down to the company that designs, builds and installs the final product. You can discuss exactly how everybody will come together to provide the optimum solution.’

Joining Kepak, Coffetek and Nebrak is the US giant and global leader in unattended retail technology, 365 Retail Markets, led in the UK by Jeff Veres, international director of business development. “Our involvement resulted just before the pandemic, while working closely with Kepak to investigate how we could make their Rustler’s brand available in unattended situations,” Jeff shared.

He describes the ensuing period as a positive time, noting everyone’s collaboration and participation in the OOH Summer Gala “ensures that as experts in the varying fields that comprise the industry, we are afforded the opportunity to manage our own lanes.”

Jeff Veres

Jeff highlights that “there can be breakdowns when managing logistics outside of your wheelhouse. We are the technical part of the equation, we’re not manufacturers of fixtures or fitting, coffee machines or smart fridges. At 365, we offer industry-leading data capabilities, and our partners are similarly prominent in their own areas of interest. Unattended retail is an exciting place. It’s re-shaping what we know, and this event is perfect for sharing that knowledge.”

The Out Of Home Summer Gala 2023 is scheduled for 8 June. By all accounts, you’ll learn a great deal – and enjoy one of the smartest events the industry has to offer.

*To register your interest in The Out Of Home Summer Gala and to keep abreast of the exciting developments we’ll add to the 2023 event during the coming months, please contact

Take a look at this video featuring the highlights of The Out Of Home Gala 2022.

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