Starbuck’s Chilled Coffee is Now Available Through Automatic Retailing

What’s the UK’s Fastest Growing Drinks Category?  Chilled Coffee. What’s The UK’s #1 Chilled Coffee Brand? Starbucks. So, it’s a ‘double-whammy’ and the good news is that now, operators can claim their share of the Starbucks Chilled Coffee success story.

Starbucks Chilled Coffee – 4 Cases for the Price of 3 until the end of November!

Starbucks Chilled Coffee is now available through Automatic Retailing and to get the ball rolling, the listing is supported by a ‘4-cases-for-the-price-of-3’ promotion running across the full range for the month until the end of November.

The Starbucks Chilled Coffee vending range now stocked at ARN consists of Starbuck’s Frappuccino Coffee (bottle), Starbuck’s Frappuccino Mocha (bottle) and Doubleshot Espresso + Milk, (can). Doubleshot provides consumers with the perfect energy boost combining a double shot of Starbucks espresso, mellowed with a touch of milk whereas the Frappuccino lines offer a sweet low coffee profile perfectly balanced with creamy milk for a moment of blissful indulgence.

Starbucks Chilled Coffee

The Doubleshot Espresso cans are C-QUIN Compliant, which makes Starbuck’s Chilled Coffee perfect for sale in schools and hospitals.


‘Choice and variety remain important to consumers and Starbucks currently offers a broad choice within the ice coffee category’ Michael Lomas, Commercial Marketing Manager, Arla Foods told PV. ‘As such, we’re excited to introduce the Doubleshot Espresso and Frappuccino ranges to the vending channel, giving consumers ready access to an ever-increasing variety of fantastic tasting drinks while on the go.’


Chilled Coffee under your radar?

Has the explosion in sales of Chilled Coffee occurred under your radar? Start to get up to speed with this excellent article from August ’19, written by Matthew Curtis for The Grocer.

Cold drinks are getting hot. But who will best take advantage – established brands, soft drinks specialists or new players? The UK is in a fever. A cold fever, that is. For today, the hottest growth areas in coffee, tea and hot chocolate are in the chillers.

A quick glimpse at the supermarket aisles serves as proof. No longer are chilled coffee ranges confined to a couple of iced lattes. Instead, the shelves are bursting full of innovative fare from salted caramel cold brews to oat milk RTDs. In the world of tea, healthy iced teas and cold infusions are emerging as a hotbed of activity. Even hot chocolate isn’t exempt. As the US embraces cold brew chocolate, the UK is tipped to follow suit. Starbucks chilled coffee is a welcome addition to ARN’s portfolio.

Starbucks Chilled Coffee

One thing is certain: cold is the new hot. While the hot beverages market is stagnating – up 0.1% to £2.2bn [Kantar 52 w/e 19 May 2019] – their chilled counterparts are posting double-digit growth. In 2018, coffee shop sales of iced beverages rose 14.3% to £395m, according to coffee research specialist Allegra. It estimates the iced market will reach £449m in coffee shops by the end of this year. And where out-of-home tastes go, retail sales tend to follow


More about chilled coffee? Read the rest of the article, HERE

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