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Nayax Energy Arrives in the UK to Present A New Opportunity for Vending Operators

Nayax Energy : For many years, Nayax has addressed the unattended retail marketplace, particularly vending. But now, the company is expanding into new vertical markets and one of them is energy. Nayax Energy, a new division of the company, embraces Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, fuelling, mobility across locations and more – all services across the Energy space.

As vending operators know, there is a constant need to grow business by embracing new opportunities and Nayax is acutely aware of this. That’s why they have come up with this exciting new development, which allows vending operators to expand their activities into the burgeoning field of EV charging.

The figures speak for themselves: latest available vehicle sales statistics demonstrate that the domestic electric car market is booming. EV car sales increased by 76.3% in 2021. Then. In 2022, more battery electric vehicles (BEVs) were sold in the UK than ever before: there were no less than 267,203 registrations, which represents 16.6% of all new car sales. By the end of August 2023, an estimated 850,000 EVs were on UK roads, plus over 530,000 plug-in hybrids, as of the end of August 2023.*

Nayax Energy
John Gerval

John Gerval, EV Sales Director, Nayax UK, is the man tasked to introduce this exciting new concept to the UK and he believes that existing vending operators are perfectly placed to profit from this rapidly expanding market with Nayax Energy. He sums up concisely: ‘We’re talking vending machines; but instead of offering drinks and snacks, the product on sale is electricity.’

Nayax Energy consists of a smart charging management platform and a built-in open payment solution. It’s an end-to-end’ solution, with all the tools needed to optimise and grow an EV charging business. The Nayax Energy Management Platform allows fully remote firmware deployment. Operators receive events and alerts in real time and pre-authorisation and customised, automated reports. Through the platform, refunds can be issued and access to smart energy management, tariff management and billing & clearing is also included.

Of equal importance, the Nayax Energy system is far more consumer-friendly than other recharging systems, as John explains. ‘As a former driver of an electric vehicle, I have first-hand experience of the frustrations that beset EV users when they need to recharge their cars. It was annoying that I was required to download an app, or register with someone, or sign-up for a loyalty card before I could charge my car’, he says. ‘Our solution makes life much easier for the driver. If they’ve got a mobile phone, or a charge card in their wallet, they can just turn up and charge up. There’s no fuss.’

Nayax Energy‘We’re six years into our EV journey’, John says. ‘We’re working in several countries throughout Europe in the EV space and now we’re looking to add the UK to that matrix. My role is to develop the product throughout the British Isles.  It’s a B2B solution that we’re offering to new and existing charge point operators. Our particular strongpoint is that we can offer embedded cashless payments within charge points. What’s more, we’re agnostic, which means we can offer customers any module of our one-stop solution. That means, for example, that they can just take the cashless payment devices and attach them to their own hardware; or install our back office and cloud portal to manage their own chargers. They can pick and choose what they want from a comprehensive menu of modules.’

The UK government has opened numerous doors for Nayax Energy by dint of recent legislation that requires any charging station of 7Kw or more to provide a cashless payment facility, but John feels his mission is to reach out to potential new charge point service providers amongst the UK’s vending fraternity. His next step in pursuit of that goal is to inviting them to a forthcoming event, where they’ll be able to familiarise themselves with the concept and get hands-on with the product.

‘We’re exhibiting at The London EV Show, which takes place at the London ExCel Centre between November 28-30’, he says. ‘It’s the leading event of its kind in the world and it highlights the potential for business that is inherent in the emerging EV vehicle industry. I’d like to invite any interested parties to come along. The show will be in Halls N6 to N11 and access is via Entrance N4. We’ll be ready to welcome visitors with drinks and nibbles and a range of giveaways and not only that: one lucky delegate will win our free draw for a domestic charging set up, which is worth around £700.’

If you’re looking to add another string to your vending bow, Nayax Energy may well be worthy of your investigation. There’s every possibility that it will help you to add new customers to your roster or offer something new and exciting to your existing clients.

Nayax Energy*SOURCE: Heycar

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