A Little Means A Lot as Cole Joins Nayax at Vendex North

Visitors to the Nayax stand at Vendex – Stand 54 – will note that a familiar face has joined the team at Nayax, the fintech company that provides a comprehensive operating system and payment platform for multiple retailers world-wide.

The familiar face? Cole Little. At just 28 years-old, Cole brings experience and knowledge to the role that belies his years, which is hardly surprising when you realise that he grew up in an era in which the Little family business, Vendman, was far and away vending’s leading provider of management software services.

Cole Little

As a student, Cole worked for the company during holidays and although ‘it wasn’t planned’, once he’d been awarded his degree he joined the business full-time.

Having acquired additional industry expertise, after the company was sold Cole sought to enhance his skills set and embrace new challenges. He joined LUQEL, a pioneering water dispensing UK start-up, driven by an entrepreneur with a passion for revolutionising the water industry.

‘The job attracted me because I would be in on the ground floor, starting from scratch to bring a new concept to market and establishing relationships with potential customers’, Cole says.

However, just as LUQEL was achieving traction in the market, the business changed direction and consequently closed its offices in the UK and Switzerland.

Nayax stepped in and Cole was snapped-up to join their burgeoning team of industry experts. ‘By working in the vending and foodservice world from a very young age, I have a very clear understanding of what customers need and what they’re looking for’, he said. ‘After the sale of Vendman, I had two or three years working with cashless payment systems so I see my new job as a huge opportunity and I hope and expect that I’ll hit the ground running. Having said that, there’s a lot to learn; because Nayax has such a wealth of innovative products and capabilities, including a number of cashless payment solutions and a consumer loyalty platform, on top of providing the data that customers depend on.’

Cole joins Nayax in the newly created role of ‘Catering and Hospitality Manager’, reporting to Paul Morgan, Sales Director UK & Ireland.

‘We’re delighted that Cole has joined Nayax’, said Lewis Zimbler, General Manager of Nayax UK. ‘He has a unique background in the business and a reputation for being something of a pioneer, so as technology develops to bring the advantages of working with Nayax to an even wider constituency of operators, Cole will be ideally placed to match customer requirements to Nayax products and services. So yes, it’s a crucial appointment for us, but we believe that Cole is made for this job and the opportunities that come with it.’

In this case then, a Little means a lot…

Welcome Cole to Nayax at Vendex on Stand 54.

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