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Andrew Barrow : ‘We’re so relieved that news of Evoca’s New London Showroom is (finally) out!’

Andrew Barrow, the Evoca UK Sales Director discusses the company’s new showroom and meeting room facility in London – and how it’ll be a game-changer for many Evoca customers…


Hello again

Did you see the announcement about our new showroom and meeting room facility in central London?

All of us in the office are relieved that the news is (finally!) out. Obviously, we’ve known about it for some time, but we were under strict orders to ‘keep schtum’. And that’s not been easy, because we’re all genuinely excited about it – and I think you’ll agree, with good reason.

Or should I say, ‘reasons’?

Remember the olden days, when independent operators were local companies, offering a local service to local people? In fairness, there’s still a lot of that about; but more and more these days, our clients are being asked to respond to tenders that call for them to operate in areas way beyond their traditional, regional strongholds. In the majority of cases, that means operators from the Midlands and beyond being obliged to service locations that are ensconced within the M25.

When you’re working with people who live and work there, inviting them to get hands-on with La Brillante (for instance) is likely to prove futile. Like the song almost said, ‘it’s a long way to Kingswinford / It’s a long way to go.’ The most likely response is a polite ‘no thank-you.’

But now we’re moving into the Business Design Centre in Islington, you’ll soon get used to hearing, ‘yes please’.

Andrew BarrowIn Islington, we’ve chosen a location that’s every bit as exciting as our incredible range of machines. There’s a real buzz about the place. It’s always had a boho edge to it, whether in the arts or indeed in politics, and you can actually feel as you walk around that momentous things have happened here, throughout history. And in Camden Passage, we have one of the jewels of London just around the corner…

In other words, on their way to our showroom, your customers (or prospects) will be immersed in the ambience of the place. Smart, chic; leading edge. From that anticipatory starting place, how could they fail to notice that the coffee machines at their disposal are also smart, chic and leading edge? Or, come to that, your operation?

Andrew Barrow: ‘You won’t be dealing with a new face in the new place.’

So let me tell you how it’s going to be. If you want to use the backdrop of incredible Islington and our state-of-the-art showroom and meeting room for your southern sales pitch, the first thing to do is to contact your Account Manager. Louise, Kate or that chap Andrew Barrow will will host your visit personally, so you won’t be dealing with a new face in the new place; it’ll be the same old, same old…

Andrew Barrow
La Brillante – get hands on in London!

Which (I hope you’ll agree?) is a good thing. As the Evoca person who knows your business best, your Account Manager will also ensure that you are appropriately supported throughout your visit. You’ll have our expert knowledge at your disposal, and we’ll set up the showroom to your requirements. Your customers will get the complete Evoca welcome and showroom experience that, over the years, you’ve come to expect. In other words, you’ll have the full backing of Team Evoca to help you seal the deal.

So, all good?

There’s more. Once you’ve won the business, there’s the small matter of servicing the contract. If your best technical people are in Coventry and something goes pear-shaped in Croydon, you’re temporarily (at least) up the creek without a canoe. We saw that, and we saw that it was an issue. So, if you have a tricky installation to undertake, or a niggling problem to address – or if it’s miles off your patch within the M25 – you can now call upon the expertise and know-how of our Service Division. Experienced feet on the street, when you need them, where you need them, are at your disposal.

These developments are further evidence that we meant what we said, when we made a commitment to provide you, our customer, with an even better service.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.
See you down the road – maybe in Islington? I’ll buy you a coffee…


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