‘Mistick’ Multi-Purpose Sanitiser Addition To Maskey Vending Machines

Adam Freeman

Mistick is coming. ‘So, what is better than a Maskey machine?’ Adam Freeman asks.  A ‘Maskey / Mistick’ machine’ he says.

‘I’m so excited to be launching our new multi-purpose Sanitiser product on 1 October. Mistick will be available from over 80 locations across the UK or online (link below) and right now, we’re offering  a 25% discount on pre-launch orders.

Mistick is alcohol free, odourless, refillable and child and pet friendly and according to Adam, ‘it’s probably the cheapest sanitiser spray on the market – from just £0.024p per ml (500ml refill for £12).’

Mistick is the end-product of an extended search to identify the right product. ‘We tested over 50 different brands of sanitiser to partner with and this was by far our favorite formula’ Adam says. ‘It doesn’t leave your hands feeling dry or sticky, lasts for up to 6 hours and like our masks, it’s made in the UK.

Take a look at the video. Bear in mind, Adam issues a caveat. ‘Mistick takes 60 seconds to kill germs, bacteria and viruses’, he says, ‘the video is just to show it’s different uses. It is also pronounced MIST-stick, we just like the music!’

The Maskey brand has become something of a media darling. Adam’s controversial connection to the BBC 2 TV series ‘The Apprentice’ helped to get the word out initially but the ‘Maskey’ brand, on its own merits, has capitalised in priceless ‘first mover advantage’ in a market that is developing rapidly. New locations and new vending machines are being added to the firm’s portfolio on (almost) a daily basis. Adam will be hoping that the launch of Mistick attracts comparable media attention and delivers similar success.

*The launch was previewed ln LinkedIn and the response has been impressive… ‘I like this one better than the masks. The little spray seems quite handy‘, writes Lou Yates. Jose Guitierrez  says: ‘Adam this is very useful, It should be in every busy place, I often forget my mask or sanitiser, well done!‘ James Marlin hails Mistick as ‘ingenious’, while Debra Yarlet is also impressed: ‘Dried instantly, great product’, she wrote.


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