IMEA and BITC Recognise Lavazza Professional’s Commitment to Sustainability

IMEA and BITC have both recognised Lavazza Professional’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its office coffee service. The company has been rewarded by being shortlisted for the IMEA’s Sustainability Impact Awards, 2020, in the category of Sustainable Business and by achieving ‘Responsible Business Champions’ status from BITC.

‘The fact that all the hard work the company has put in to minimise its environmental impact has been recognised by both the IMEA and BITC is a source of considerable pride for everybody in our organisation’, UK Marketing Director Ian Martin said. ‘Rest assured, this recognition will not breed complacency at Lavazza Professional. On the contrary, it will encourage us to add even more impetus to our mission to conduct our business as responsibly as we possibly can.’


This IMEA award, for which Lavazza Professional was short listed, recognises an organisation in the private sector that has best demonstrated an overall commitment to sustainability and to future-proofing their organisation.

IMEA and BITCFor over 20 years, BITC’s Responsible Business Awards have showcased transformational stories of businesses taking real action to build thriving communities. Each year, the Awards celebrate those businesses that demonstrate strong, inclusive leadership, by continually innovating to tackle pressing social issues and repair and rebuild our planet.

Lavazza Professional’s priority is to overcome the drinks packaging and technology waste challenge and in the past twelve months, the company has taken some significant steps in that direction, with the launch of KLIX Eco Cup solution and the development of End-of-Life solutions for its technologies and products through recycling programmes.

The KLIX Eco Cup was the first cup in the vending marketplace to eschew the use of Polyethylene (PE) lining. The cup is manufactured with The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFCTM) sourced paper and coated with a unique water-based dispersion barrier, giving it increased recyclability. Indeed, in certain circumstances, the cup can be recycled alongside the ordinary wastepaper that every office produces.

However, the KLIX Eco Cup is but one of the company’s environmental credentials. All KLIX machines are broken down for parts and then upcycled, ensuring that nothing ends up in landfill. The company is also proud of its membership of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group, its work in plastic re-cycling alongside RECOUP (UK) and EPRO (EU) and its place on the Automatic Vending Association’s environmental subcommittee. Recognition from IMEA and BITC is a valued endorsement of the company’s environmental integrity.

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