MicroMarket Microscope Three

MicroMarket Microscope Three: Mobile Payment FAQs

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Cashless Payments Apps in MicroMarkets – Frequently Asked Questions (Planet Vending & OCS)

Operators everywhere are appreciating the value in a payment app such as 365 Retail Markets 365Pay app. Operators’ top three frequently asked mobile payment questions are HERE

The Many Benefits Of MicroMarkets – Including Revenue Growth (Nayax)

Micro markets present a lot more leeway for operators as more items can be offered than a traditional vending machines. Micro markets also involve less machine maintenance than keeping vending machines on a premise and being in closed environments also lowers the security concerns of theft and vandalism. Nayax attends to the unattended, HERE

MicroMarket Microscope Three

The Wall Street Journal Probes Single-Use Plastic Ban Momentum And Pushback (Vending Times)

Four US states have banned single-use plastic bags and at least 414 local ordinances related to plastic bags have been passed in 28 states. The movement is gaining momentum. It’s imperative that the UK’s vending, micromarket and office coffee service providers know what might lay just around the corner…

MicroMarket Microscope Three

Ready Or Not, Here They Come: It’s The Advance Of The Micromarkets (Planet Vending & OCS)

MicroMarket Microscope Three: Micromarkets have been on the radar of vending operators for years, but now it seems that the tipping point has been passed. Indeed, the time is fast approaching when you’ll have to be able to offer a micromarket solution to your customers – or suffer the consequences. More from Ian Reynolds-Young, HERE

MicroMarket Microscope Three

Broderick’s Introduces Brodshop (Broderick’s)

Leading vending operator Broderick’s has announced the arrival of the brodshop, described as ‘a new concept in unmanned self checkout mini-markets, perfect for SME workplaces, which need a fuller solution than a bank of vending machines, but who aren’t ready for their own full blown restaurant.’ Check it out, HERE


Micro markets: Differentiate Yourself From The Vending Competition (Vendex)

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?  Do you tell customers that you can offer new vending machines?  Do you attach credit cards to your vending machines? Is it the service that you can guarantee?  Food for thought from leading UK show Vendex, HERE

MicroMarket Microscope Three



That’s it for MicroMarket Microscope Three. We’ll be back with MicroMarket Microscope Four, soon.


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