Janis Jukna : Vendon’s New Head of Sales on Life in the Fast Lane

Janis Jukna, 32, has been promoted to the key role of Head of Sales at Vendon, the company that describes itself as ‘the most advanced IoT, Telemetry & Payment platform for the Vending and Coffee businesses.’

The promotion comes as a natural progression for Janis, a Vendon ‘veteran’ who spent five years as Sales Manager, prior to a 3 year stint as Global IoT Project Director, overseeing the business with the company’s largest customer, which involved a hands-on approach to the roll-out and subsequently, continuous development – across fifty countries.

Janis won’t be the proverbial ‘new broom’: after all, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ ‘The basic tenets of our business remain the same, in terms of telemetry and payments technology aimed at coffee, vending and micro-market operators’, he said. ‘We will be continuing to extend our scope geographically to achieve the growth we want but overall, the focus remains the same.

Janis Jukna

‘Our customer support, platform reliability and the quality of the data we deliver – which is particularly important in the coffee machines segment – has established and enhanced our reputation globally.  The nature of the data we can extract because of our partnerships with machine manufacturers provides better intelligence than alternative solutions.’

There are ‘high hopes’ for QuickPik, Vendon’s loyalty platform and payment app. ‘Clients always try to deliver coffee and refreshment services as economically as possible’, Janis said, ‘but with inflation and supply chain issues such as they are right now, there’s a concerted effort to control costs. For instance, clients may wish to limit the number of drinks that are offered free of charge. Alternatively, they may wish to offer staff free, or discounted drinks, whilst charging visitors a market price for their beverages. QuickPik enables operators to do just that.’

With QuickPik, employees get free or discounted products and beverages by scanning a QR code with their phone. As an operator, QuickPik allows you to set up a fixed amount of free items for different employees or employee groups, per day, week or month, meaning tracking and modifying consumption limits can be achieved with just a few clicks and of course, all of that can be completed remotely.

Kristians Vebers

‘The benefits schedule automatically renews and there is real-time advanced reporting’ Janis said. ‘Each transaction contains detailed information and operators can filter transactions by customers, locations, machines or users and then export the transactions report for analysis or invoicing. Since February, consumers can now add their credit card to make payments, which means QuickPik is now an open-loop solution.’

Vendon’s philosophy is to make the transition to cashless – and all that goes with it – as simple and as cost-effective as possible. ‘From the operator’s point of view, the major advantage of QuickPik is that they can start offering an excellent cashless payment facility simply by adding a QR sticker to the machine and having consumers download the app. It’s a very easy way to go cashless, especially for those that are already using Vendon telemetry.’

The ‘open loop’ capabilities of QuickPik makes it ideal for use in semi-public places, such as hospitals. All visitors must pay, but via the app, staff can access their refreshments at a discount, or for free. ‘It’s a way to provide a better experience for the staff without compromising the expectations of visitors’, Janis said. ‘We showcased QuickPik at Host and it will be front and centre, together with Vendon contactless payments, when we visit Venditalia in May.’

Vendon Contactless Payments is an ideal solution for vending and coffee businesses looking to modernize and optimize their machine parks. It accepts all the most popular types of contactless payments, including contactless credit and debit cards, NFC mobile and smart device payments. ‘It’s an affordable and easy-to-use payment solution, powered by the most advanced IoT platform on the market’, Janis said. ‘It ensures operators have the comprehensive toolset they need to manage their machines and grow their businesses: route planning, advanced real-time reporting and remote machine management’.

On a personal level, Janis is a keen F1 formula one fan. It’s hardly surprising when you consider that F1 is the pinnacle of telemetry. Modern racing cars have between 150 and 300 sensors delivering real-time information from the machine to the pit lane technicians. `Netflix’ Drive to Survive got me into it!’, Janis laughs. ‘I told Kristians (Vebers, Vendon’s CEO), and he also became a big fan.’

‘I’m looking forward to attending industry events this year’, Janis concluded. ‘We are very confident in our proposition and we’re anticipating a positive reaction to it.’

It looks like being a busy year for Janis Jukna and his team at Vendon; but that’s to be expected in a company that is clearly enjoying life in the fast lane…

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