Co-op says micro markets ‘will allow us to have a presence in locations that aren’t suitable for our traditional stores.’

Co-op has worked with Graddon Vending to launch its first food to go offer, with its new ‘micro-supermarket’ proposition, in response to what Co-op describes as ‘a change in shopping behaviours’.

Martin Rogers

In an industry first, the retail giant is expanding its portfolio with its first ever 24 hour self-serve, cashless micro-market at the head office for British Manufacturer and home of the iconic Henry and Hetty the Hoover, Numatic.

Based at the Numatic main-site in Somerset, 1,000 colleagues will get access to quality and award winning Co-op own brand products such as food to go meal deals, breakfast items, milk, bread, ready meals as well drinks on the go from its ethically sourced own brand hot drinks machine, Ever Ground.

‘Our micro markets will allow us to have a Co-op presence in locations that aren’t suitable for our traditional stores.’

‘The pandemic has changed the way in which people shop and eat and we’re always looking for new ways to reach our customers’, Martin Rogers, Head of New Channels, at Co-op said. ‘As a convenience retailer, we need to continue to adapt and our micro markets will allow us to have a Co-op presence in locations that aren’t suitable for our traditional stores. The launch of these new ways to shop will allow us to serve our customers in an even more convenient way, with great tasting food.’

GraddonsWorking in partnership with regional vending provider, Graddon Vending, the Co-op micro markets can be installed across hospitals, offices, schools, gyms and train stations, to provide a specially selected range, all made using high quality ingredients such as Free-Range Eggs, FSC Tuna and 100% British meat.

David Youldon at Graddon Vending said ‘we’re hugely excited to launch our innovative micro market with Co-op, which can be perfectly integrated into business spaces to provide fresh meals on demand, reinventing office lunches. Through this new proposition with Co-op, we’re able to provide users with a super modern look and convenience store feel and access to more products than a vending machine but less than a full grocery store.’

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