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Borg & Overström : The new B6 is ‘the most advanced water dispenser in the world’.

Borg & Overström says ‘a new level of mastery’ has been reached with the launch of its new B6 water dispenser.

Hailed as the first of a new generation of watercoolers, the B6 packs Borg & Overström’s most advanced technology into an exceptionally small footprint. Available in black and silver, the B6, as you’d expect, comes with the premium filtration and guaranteed water quality with which Borg & Overström has long been associated. But with the B6, end-users can also enjoy a refined, digitally precise hydration experience – and distributors can proudly offer their customers the best possible refreshment experience.

The low-down…

Borg & OverströmSize The first thing that grabs you is how small this machine is. The B6 is only 320mm wide, 300mm deep and 417mm tall, making it the perfect choice for any location where space is at a premium.

Weight Depending on its dispense options, the B6 weighs between 17 and 23.75kg.

Environment In-keeping with Borg & Overström’s sustainability pledges and actions, the B6 is designed and manufactured to minimise its impact on the environment.

Capacity With 290mm of accommodation, the B6 breaks new ground. It has best size-to-dispense-height ratio on the market. The B6 also boasts elite-level dispensing capacity that deliver chilled and sparkling water at the rate of 50 litres-per-hour.

Innovation It’s the B6’s incredible inbuilt technology that makes its diverse menu of drinking water types possible. Your B6 comes with the power and proficiency of Borg & Overström’s signature innovations fitted as standard…

Dry Chill® – Borg & Overström’s superior cooling system consists of a stainless-steel coil encased on a solid-block system for instant response, cool-down action. It operates with an environmentally friendly R290a refrigerant gas. This cooling system provides freshly chilled water temperatures between 2° and 11°C.

Eco mode – A revolutionary advance in energy saving software; helping end-users save energy by auto-regulating a machine’s idle state – without the need to reach for the for the on/off switch.

Totality® Hygiene – Your guarantee of an exceptional standard of water safety, quality and cleanliness.

One machine covers all the bases! The B6 will instantly dispense your water in up to four ways: chilled, ambient, sparkling and hot. One machine covers all the bases.

Borg & OverströmIf all this isn’t enough, Borg & Overström offers a wide range of accessories for the B6, to take the refreshment experience even further. Upon request, your B6 can come with:

  • An alarmed waste kit with Bluetooth connectivity
  • A base cabinet, which increases placement options by turning the B6 into a floor-standing machine with a cabinet for the CO2 cylinder
  • 500ml water bottles in the sleek, aesthetic Borg & Overström style
  • Printed paper cups – capacious and 100% recyclable
  • Install kit with 3M filter to ease the process of setting up and running smoothly
  • Sanitisation kit

To find out more, contact a Borg & Overström expert direct. Here’s how:

Call 01362 695 006, or e-mail

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