ARN’s Ones to Watch 5

ARN’s Ones to Watch 5 : February’s Tempting Offers from Vending’s Leading Wholesaler

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 5 : February

Exclusive! Mega Snack Deal

You can’t get much for less than £50 these days, but here’s a package that’s not to be sniffed at… Until the end of February, you can get a case containing Belvita Soft Bake, Twirl,  Pepsi max and Robinsons ready-to-drink, for just £49.99.

And this is not just any old bundle, it’s an ARN bundle. Belvita is currently the Number One ‘healthier biscuit’ product, Twirl is the Number One chocolate single in the Foodservice arena; Pepsi Max is the Number One sugar-free, on-the-go cola in the Convenience sector and Robinsons is the Number One ‘most trusted’ soft drinks brand in the UK.

Last time there were so many Number Ones in a bundle they called it ‘Now, That’s What I Call Music’, so we’ve called our offer ‘Now, That’s What I Call a Bargain’. The offer is valid from now until the end of February, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to give your customers what they want – whilst making an even better margin.

ARN’s ‘Ones to Watch’ 5

Powdered Oat Milk from Minor Figures

ARN’s Ones to Watch 5Plant-based milks are more popular than ever before, with worldwide sales projected to exceed £25 billion by 2024, and no wonder: a single cup of coffee using cow’s milk has roughly double the CO2 of a cup made with a dairy-free alternative like oat milk.

Besides being one of the most popular non-dairy milks for coffee, oat milk has proven to be one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly products in a burgeoning sector. Production of oat milk requires less water than that of cow’s milk and most of the alternatives.

Sales of oat milk have soared in recent years. With a balanced flavour and creamy texture, it can make a great substitute for dairy. It has a strong and enthusiastic following with both consumers and baristas. In many coffee shops, it now accounts for up to 50% of sales in milk based drinks.

Now, the benefits of oat milk are available in a powdered product from leading manufacturer Minor Figures, and early indications suggest that the vending marketplace has been waiting for just such an innovation.

Non-dairy milk use in coffee making is not a temporary fad that will come and go. So, get on that train now and make the most of your ‘first mover advantage’.

Powdered oat milk is packed in outers of 12 x 1 kilo and remember – this exciting new product is .exclusive to ARN from mid Feb  – with a promotional price to celebrate the launch and get you started. ARN’s Ones to Watch 5

Kit-Kat Orange

ARN’s Ones to Watch 5No wonder people love them – they’re like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, disguised as a Kit Kat! Since its first appearance in 1996, the Orange version of KitKat has been a huge hit with British consumers and, as the first global confectionery brand to be sourced from 100% sustainable cocoa, the Kit Kat brand continues to tick many of the consumer’s boxes.

Kit-Kat Orange Will be flying out of vending machines once more this spring, so order your stocks now, to avoid disappointment, and all that.

That’s it for ARN’s Ones to Watch 5. More next month!
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