NIVO supplier awards 2022 – and not a fish or chip in sight…

NIVO Supplier Awards 2022

It’s January, so time for the annual NIVO supplier awards. We see a bit of deja vu in the list of winners but that is only because the supporters of NIVO are strong and loyal and the winners are stars, year after year. We’re sad to see that the annual fish and chip fest didn’t happen but maybe next year?

Congratulations, to Mondelez, Britvic, Coffetek, Crane, Nestle, Aimia, Automatic Retailing, Berry Superfos, Tower Leasing, Nebrak, iPro and a big one to John Crichton for his special achievement award.

Here you go…

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NIVO Supplier Awards 2022


NIVO Supplier Awards 2022

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