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Andrea Zocchi Introduces Evoca’s First Sustainability Report

Andrea ZocchiAndrea Zocchi, the Evoca Group Chief Executive Officer, has introduced the inaugural edition of the company’s Sustainability Report, and explained its significance, in a letter to stakeholders which makes interesting reading for businesses operating in the vending, OCS and HoReCa sectors.

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By Andrea Zocchi

EVOCA has decided to write and share this first Sustainability Report with its stakeholders because being sustainable is not an option but a business style that we want to be our defining characteristic. Therefore, I am pleased to introduce this document, emphasizing its purpose from the outset. On the one hand, it will accurately and comprehensively outline our sustainability projects, and on the other, we hope it serves as a means to foster transparent relationships with our stakeholders.

We believe that reporting alone, while useful and necessary, does not fully meet the need to communicate sustainability. It is essential that the report generates an open relationship with the internal community of EVOCA, recognizing the importance of what we make possible every day with our work and involving all stakeholders as integral parts of our projects and our journey as a company.

The concept of sustainability is not new to our company

The concept of sustainability is not new to our company. However, the awareness of balancing current needs with those of future generations, preserving the environment, promoting community well-being, fostering economic growth, and addressing global challenges to create value for all has prompted deep reflection. This reflection has led to the development and implementation of a structured project of “sustainable evolution,” of which the report represents a fundamental and integral part.

We started with an investigation into our identity, the meaning of our existence, and the daily commitment with which we operate. We have redefined our purpose – “Great coffee to inspire a better world, anywhere and anytime” – and the values that support it: trust, passion, and evolution.

Andrea Zocchi

At the intersection of our purpose, the corporate strategy, and the relevant themes for our stakeholders, we have identified several projects that we have linked to ESG criteria and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda.

I would like to mention two of these projects, which I consider particularly significant. The first is an employee climate survey aimed at gathering employees’ perceptions regarding their overall satisfaction, including internal communication, organisational well-being, and professional development opportunities. The second is an advanced life cycle assessment tool that we have developed and made available to strengthen the environmentally-oriented design culture.

“The Taste of Sustainability”

We have chosen “The Taste of Sustainability” as the name and framework to showcase our projects, commitments, and results related to sustainability. A dedicated logo, communication tools, and projects will help effectively connect the various sustainability initiatives, enabling accurate reporting and lively interaction with stakeholders.

Therefore, this report is an important initial step in our journey of “sustainable evolution.” Here, we present our sustainability roadmap and the topics on which we have decided to engage in the coming years. It is a piece of a long-term commitment whose results will gradually emerge over time. It is a space where you will find projects, facts, objectives, and economic, social, environmental, cultural, and governance progress that we are achieving step by step, together with our stakeholders.

You can download a copy of the report by clicking HERE

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