WESTbahn Chooses Nayax for Payments and Loyalty Rewards

WESTbahn, an open access railway company operating express train services on Austria’s Western Railway, is working in partnership with Nayax to improve the customer experience.

Since last autumn, 120 of Nayax’s cashless payment POS devices have been installed in 15 double-decker Stadler KISS 3 trainsets. These payment solutions enable WESTbahn passengers to make cashless payments via mobile phone, debit, credit, or ATM card at any of the coffee or snack machines on the train.

WESTbahnAlong with cashless payment acceptance, WESTbahn also offers WESTpunkte (WESTpoints) which rewards customer loyalty. These points can be used to buy coffee or snacks such as Mannerschnitten, a famous Viennese pastry, onboard the train. Nayax supports this system through QR codes, another form of cashless payments.

Christian Pettauer, Head of IT at WESTbahn, says that “with the decision to implement Nayax in our trains, we offer our passengers a choice of contactless payment solutions on the one hand, and on the other hand, we can convert the WESTpoints acquired at the Relax Check-in into coffee or Mannerschnitten.”

Cashless payment solutions and the WESTpoint reward system help boost customer loyalty and return. Payments are processed quickly, ensuring a seamless transaction every time -despite the instability of the internet connection during train journeys. Customers are given the choice to pay via mobile wallet, card, or QR code. Interestingly, Pettauer reports that about a third of customers use each of the three payment methods, underlining the importance of offering all three cashless payment methods.

WESTbahnOn board sales are now on a clear upward trajectory, due to both the convenient experience that Nayax devices offer and the WESTpoint system.  Pettauer continues: “Our competition uses a different system on their trains. We have a very advanced system, where you can buy snacks and drinks whenever you want, and a coffee or snack automat is always close by. We have four coffee machines and four snack automats on each train.”

“By partnering with Nayax, WESTbahn has created a better user experience, providing more incentive for passengers to continue using their services”, Pettauer says.

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