Vendex Midlands Show Guide: Tyrrells Crisps Stand 37

Tyrrells Crisps Exhibit at Vendex

For Tyrrells Crisps its entry into the world of Vending has been surprisingly successful in such a short space of time. Tyrells is delighted to be exhibiting at Vendex Midlands on 4th April at the National Motorcycle Museum. Planet Vending is looking forward to catching up with the team at the show to get their story, so watch this space.

This is what they say about their retailers, and it would appear that the support from the vending side of retail has been just as gratifying.

‘At Tyrrells Court Farm, we do things a bit differently – and the results are truly superlative, even if we do say so ourselves. But we wouldn’t have got where we are today without the support of independent retailers, who took a chance on a plucky upstart and helped us grow into snack purveyors of distinction. Worry not, we haven’t forgotten our roots – in fact, we want to see our range in more small shops, so we’re here to remind you just how delectably diverse it is. From crisps and Poshcorn, to nibbles and tortillas – you name it, we lovingly make it.’

‘Here is our current range

Potato Crisps

We’re Tyrrells of Tyrrells Court Farm and we make fine English crisps from local Herefordshire potatoes. We cook them by hand in small batches and we always leave the jackets on. Well, it’s only polite.

Click to see our full range

Seasonal Crisps

May we take this opportunity to formally introduce our new Seasonal Crisps – a righteous range that celebrates the many changing English seasons?

Furrows Potato Crisps

Inspired by the furrowed fields of our Herefordshire farm, our Furrows are just like our usual potato crisps but pleasingly crinkly. “The ultimate hummus shovel”

Vegetable Crisps

From decidedly knobbly beginnings comes a range of nibbles charming and sophisticated enough for even the ritziest of get-togethers. Tyrrells and tipples anyone?

Swanky Veg

Certain situations call for an altogether nobler nibble. Thank heavens then for our Swanky Veg crisps, an exotic mélange of lavish veggies, with just a pinch of sea salt to let them sing.

Sweet Potato Crisps

We’ve taken glorious, sunset-hued sweet potatoes, then simply sliced and hand-cooked them in small batches – jackets on, of course.

Crisp Multipacks

Ah, the multipack: a fabulous innovation. And one long held in high esteem by the forward thinking – along with anyone lucky enough to gain access to their nibbles cupboard! It’s a purchase that speaks of a generous-spirited individual, one whose combination of pragmatism and joie de vivre inspire admiration and envy in equal measure.’

Planet Vending wishes Tyrrells well in the world of vending and we’ll see you at Vendex on stand 37!

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