The UK's Favourite Snacks

The UK’s Favourite Snacks: Selecta Shares Its Data

The UK’s Favourite Snacks have been ranked by Selecta. Using sales data from vending machines in 96 towns and cities across the UK, the nation’s favourite snacks have been revealed.

The data revealed that among The UK’s Favourite Snacks, Cadbury Twirls are the nations favourite, with 759,482 sales nationwide, with Walkers Max Chargrilled Steak (743,224), Kinder Bueno (734,333), Kit-Kat 4 Finger (540,124) and Twix (514,916) rounding the top 5.

#Most Popular SnacksSales
1Cadbury Twirl759,482
2Walkers Max Chargrilled Steak743,224
3Kinder Bueno734,333
4Kit Kat 4 Finger540,124
5Twix Bar514,916
6Walkers Cheese & Onion503,016
7McVities Mini Cheddars491,518
8Walkers Ready Salted467,417
9Snickers Bar443,193
10Walkers Doritos Extreme Chili Heatwave360,896

Across the different UK cities, it was between Cadbury Twirl, Walkers Max Chargrilled Steak and Kinder Bueno for The UK’s Favourite Snacks top spot. Then Kit-Kat with a considerable amount of popularity from the top 3 snacks.

For Brits who had a sweet tooth, their favourite chocolate bars were:

#Most Popular Chocolate Bars


1Cadbury Twirl759,482
2Kinder Bueno734,333
3Kit Kat 4 Finger540,124
4Twix Bar514,916
6Cadbury Dairy Milk326,597
7Cadbury Snack Shortcake313,201
8Cadbury Wispa309,797
9Cadbury Boost303,326
10Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel283,115

The UK’s Favourite Snacks: Cadbury Twirls and Kinder Buenos were by far the most popular chocolate bars in the UK with the various Cadbury chocolate bars completing the top 10. For people who preferred a more savoury snack, the top 10 most popular crisps in the UK were:

#Most Popular Chocolate BarsSales
1Walkers Max Chargrilled Steak743,224
2Walkers Cheese & Onion503,016
3McVities Mini Cheddars491,518
4Walkers Ready Salted467,417
5Walkers Doritos Extreme Chili Heatwave360,896
6Walkers Baked Cheese & Onion248,045
7Walkers Salt & Vinegar243,818
8Walkers Quavers Cheese237,939
9Hula Hoops BBQ230,112
10Kettle Chips Sweet Chilli211,039

The UK's Favourite SnacksThe max chargrilled steak Walkers crisps were by far the most popular crisp in the UK with the classic Cheese & Onion in second. To settle the old age debate of Cheese & Onion vs Ready Salted, it is Cheese & Onion which comes out on top with Salt & Vinegar having almost half the amount of sales.

Looking at the different towns & cities in terms of The UK’s Favourite Snacks, the main difference between the North and South were their feelings about biscuits and chocolate bars or sweets. Typically, snackers in the North opted for more biscuit products – with Cadbury shortcake a popular snack in Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool. On the other hand, towns and cities in the South had high sales for chocolate bars and sweets.

Another interesting finding about The UK’s Favourite Snacks was that more people in the South seemed to prefer Quavers than those in up North. The Walkers products were found in the top five in Oxford, Reading and Truro among other Southern areas – despite being 22nd for overall sales in the UK.

“It was fascinating to see the results of the study and to see what snacks people are buying from our vending machines”, Cecily Batten from Selecta said. “Twirls being the most popular ahead of all the different Cadbury products is surprising! Who would have thouight it would have been at the top of the list of The UK’s Favourite Snacks?

More news of Selecta is on Planet Vending HERE.


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