The New Payment App From 365 Markets Proves ‘Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention’

Joe Hessling
Joe Hessling

The New Payment App From 365 Markets: There’s an old adage that tells us, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and in business, it has the ring of truth. Innovation is never delivered on a whim: advances in products and services are always driven by the expectations and desires of customers.

So it is with 365 Retail Markets new and improved payment app, as CEO for 365 Joe Hessling, told Planet Vending & OCS. ‘The success of our original app right from the get-go was a double edged sword for us’, he said. ‘We enjoyed the rave reviews of the industry’s key influencers and it was satisfying to be referred to as ‘the most highly rated MicroMarket payment app’. The downside was that we had set the bar so high that improving on our own performance was always going to be a challenge.’

365’s design team set five parameters when they set out to better the best. The new, improved app would have to

  1.  … be transforming, engaging and intuitive
  2.  … connect with consumers as never before, allowing messages to be ‘pushed’ to them at point of sale
  3. … deliver an enhanced and honed navigation experience to make it even more intuitive
  4. … include informative, curated promotions and brand content
  5. … take the entire customer experience to an unprecedented level

365 is confident that all these boxes have been ticked in the New Payment App.There’s no doubt that payment apps are here to stay: they offer a suite of benefits to operators but they are also very popular with consumers, because they provide a portal to rewards and promotions that could not be delivered in any other way. Far from resisting the move to using a payment app, consumers have embraced the opportunities incumbent in them.

The 365Pay app redesign recognizes that paradigm shift and empowers operators to deliver excellent customer experience.

new payment appThe first thing consumers have noticed about the New Payment App were the enhanced navigation experience. The most popular areas of the app are now along the bottom, instead of having them in a “hamburger menu” on the side. This makes exploring and switching between areas on the app quicker and easier.

Operators and consumers noticed a brand-new ‘home’ tab as well. While the tab maintains the account balance feature and the QR code— which consumers can scan at 365’s Gen3 Kiosk, the 365 nanomarket™, AirVend and ReadyTouch device. The 365Pay app places emphasis on connecting with consumers in a whole new way.

Another welcome addition to the 365Pay app is an “Inbox” tab to master consumer engagement. While the Home tab is sure to provide the most relevant and current offers at any moment, Inbox is an additional area that operators can leverage to engage with consumers via push notifications and rich, interactive content.

‘The New Payment App is all about giving operators instant connection with their customers’, Joe said. ‘Now, they can share promotions and new products with consumers directly and in real time, maximizing consumer participation. We’ve also improved our ‘Contact Us’ and in-app refund capabilities, in order to make as much of the experience as possible self-service. That we give our operators the gift of time, allowing them to focus on their customers rather than on administration.’

With these changes, 365 has delivered an enhanced tool that will contribute to the ability of automatic retail industry operators’ to provide outstanding customer service.

“The redesigned 365Pay app is a destination that allows operators to connect with their consumers like never before, heralding a new age in foodservice management’, Joe said.

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