The Connected Campus

‘The Connected Campus’ from 365 Retail Markets has arrived and with It, ‘The New Normal’.

‘The Connected Campus’ is a phrase that’s about to become a familiar one to those people responsible for feeding and watering their ‘customers’ in educational institutions, corporate offices; healthcare and similar situations.

The Connected Campus is the brainchild of 365 Retail Markets, the world’s leading supplier of micro-market solutions. The term epitomises the company’s dedication to providing payment systems and consumer engagement strategies that are seamless, effortless; complete and – top priority in our time – safe and secure.

‘Engagement is an easy way to get customers excited about your micro market business’, Jeff Veres of 365 told Planet Vending. ‘Specifically, with the 365Pay app, you can connect with your customers on a one-to-one level, sending them relevant and personal content right into the app. The 365Pay app can be used with other products in the 365 Connected Campus for your micro market business. For example, you can leverage the power of the Connected Campus℠ promotional engine on mobile to give customers discounts, create product bundles, and more.

‘The Connected Campus seamlessly connects your MicroMarket, OCS, and Vending technologies using a Global Market Account (GMA) and the 365Pay app’, Jeff said. ‘All your consumers need to utilize 365 technology is an account and the mobile app. So easy! Most importantly, your consumers can rest assured that their personal information will be secure, with safety features at every touchpoint.’

The 365Pay app provides a contactless solution for consumers, allowing them to pay directly from their phones. Their unique QR code gives them a checkout experience that is safe, quick, and easy. ‘Customers can also earn reward points, add funds or set up auto-funding’, Jeff said. ‘They can and view purchase history directly from their phone. It’s another ideal opportunity to engage with customers, to keep them up to speed with new products and promotions. It really does encourage loyalty and has customers coming back again and again.’

The Connected CampusCustomers coming back to work after a period of furlough or remote working are demanding queue-busting solutions when they buy food, drinks and snacks and 365 has spent the lockdown creating new products and services that deliver fresher, faster, and more convenient ways to make those purchases. ‘The 365 PicoCooler is a great example of that forward thinking’, Jeff said. ‘Pico Cooler, a ‘smart fridge’ if you like, provides more product versatility, with a comprehensive and healthier snack and beverage selection. It has a simple three-step checkout process via the 365Pay app, the PicoCooler keeps customers happy and coming back. In addition, this high-tech cooler can be locked or unlocked, which allows you to use it just like a micro-market. It’s a grab-and-go convenience that your customers need. The 365 PicoCooler is a great way to reinvent your aging vending machines and bring foodservice convenience everywhere your customers need better options.’

The Connected CampusThe creation of an unattended retail experience that is reliable, secure, and safe has long been the Holy Grail for 365 and with the introduction of the v5 kiosk in 2015, 365 transformed the ‘breakroom’ for ever. ‘The v5, a customisable and flexible kiosk, creates worry-free checkout via the 365Pay app, an intuitive digital experience, and reliable uptime. With over 35k locations worldwide, the v5 is the industry standard and essential for today’s consumers.

‘Some employees coming back to work are doing so tentatively – particularly those for whom ‘working from home’ was a pleasurable experience. Others – those who’ve been balancing a lap-top on their knees for months on end, for example – are returning with enthusiasm. One thing both groups need in equal measure is a one-stop-shop for their on-site food, drinks and snacks’, Jeff said. ‘They don’t want to have to make extra stops on the way to work or go offsite in the middle of the day for their caffeine fix, a sandwich or an energy drink.’

And so the era of The Connected Campus has arrived and with it, ‘the new normal’.

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