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Foodies from Selecta puts take-away refreshments back on the menu at East Croydon station

Foodies: Selecta is today launching a new Foodies-on-the-go MicroMarket  at East Croydon station; it’s the first time the location has embraced unattended retail – and it may be a glimpse of the future…

‘Whether commuters are after breakfast on the move, early lunch with colleagues, or returning from work late, Foodies is a fresh, exciting food experience that fits their schedule and provides high-quality snacks and meals 24-hours-a-day’, Paul Hearne, Managing Director, Selecta UK & Ireland told PV.

Paul Hearne

The success of ‘Foodies’ has elevated Selecta to the position of the UK’s Number One micro-market provider. The reasons? ’Foodies delivers hundreds of healthy and fresh, hot and cold food and drink combinations, fitting the latest food trends and influenced by regional habits and preferences’, Paul said. ‘Add to that 24/7 accessibility; Safety and Hygiene, thanks to individually packaged foods and contactless payment. Foodies incorporates the latest food technology, including smart fridges and free-standing coffee machines and last, but not least, we insist upon sustainable packaging and the responsible sourcing of ingredients.’

Selecta’s smart fridges are an alternative 24-hour, self-serve concept that suits any location. By using scan and contactless payment, the fridges unlock allowing consumers to take any product they require. The smart fridge’s scales register what has been removed.

The coffee machines at East Croydon will contain options from Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters – Selecta’s own roastery – which has been in business since 1863. Selecta looks after everything – from sourcing to roasting, to blending and serving – to create high-quality coffee.

The Foodies on-the-go MicroMarket is replacing Pumpkin cafés at the station on a three-month trial and if successful may remain permanently and be rolled out across 100 other UK stations.

‘We’re delighted to offer commuters delicious fresh food and snacks from our Foodie on the go solutions’ Paul said.‘With a footfall of around 23 million, we can’t think of a better location to trial our latest offering at than East Croydon station.

‘We hope commuters enjoy the convenience of a self-serve solution and the abundance of daily fresh food and drink options our MicroMarkets have to offer.’


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