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Festive Greetings! Televend’s Top Tips to Ensure an Excellent Customer Experience

Televend'sIn the ocean of vending and coffee brands providing similar products and similar solutions at similar prices, success or failure often boils down to one piece of the puzzle: of all the companies competing for your business, which offers the best customer experience?

Even the term ‘customer experience’ can feel a bit overwhelming, and why not? It embraces a vast area that includes every touch point between your brand and your customer.

Now as luck would have it, our friends at Televend, the number-one European solution for vending operations, loyalty, and payment, has a pretty good reputation when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience and in the spirit of the Festive Season, they’ve agreed to share some pointers here. So, without further ado, here we go…

Televend’s Top Tips to Ensure an Excellent Customer Experience

1: Resolve any issues like a pro

No business is error-free, so what counts is how yours responds when things go pear-shaped. Investing in good customer service can positively impact your brand value, and even create brand ambassadors. On the other hand, a bad review can reach thousands in the blink of an eye on Facebook or Twitter. Here’s our three-step process to resolve the issues and win back the customers.

Acknowledge the issue

The first step to fixing the situation is acknowledging the complaint and owning the problem. This has a tremendous calming effect, and it may even claw back a customer from the edge of a meltdown. In fact, a CEI report supports this claim: it found that ‘46% of consumers reacted positively after the organization responded to their complaints’.

Automate and prioritise the tickets

Televend Call Center is the tool if you want to collect and prioritize tickets in real time. The system collects all your tickets in one place – customer calls and messages, issues that technicians have reported via the field service app, and events communicated directly from the machine. What’s more, it ensures that you adhere to company guidelines, client SLAs, and industry standards, by setting up triggers and priority rules. When tasks are prioritized, the system automatically assigns them to technicians, making sure no issue slips under the radar.

Send the best people for the job

After Televend Call Center has done its job, Televend’s Technical Center takes over, dispatching technicians and planning their routes, based on parameters like urgency and distance, so they arrive where they’re needed as soon as possible. It also connects specific tasks with specific technicians, based on their skill sets. This way, you can be sure you employ the person who is best qualified to complete each specific task.

2: Keep a Gold Standard of Quality

It’s great to resolve issues quickly, but it’s even better when there are no issues at all… Be proactive! Schedule regular machine maintenance visits in the Technical Center and you’ll see the number of technical issues you need to deal with nosedive. Think ‘broken machine parts’, ‘payments and return button issues’, ‘overheating’, ‘jammed bills’, or not having enough peripherals, like cups and stirrers. By the way, it’s so much easier to maintain the high quality of the coffee you offer when regular machine cleaning is scheduled in

3: Reward Loyal Customers

Quality products and reliable customer service are the first steps towards creating loyal customers. But, if you want to really impress your customers, you need to give them something extra – a reward that reflects their loyalty to your brand.

Televend Wallet is a loyalty and payment app that encourages consumers to avail themselves of creative promotional deals. ‘Happy Hours’, for example. They can also earn reward points, which can be redeemed for discounts, whenever they make a purchase or top up their account.

4: Listen to Your Customers

Televend Wallet is not just a loyalty app. It also collects feedback every time it is used, which is sent to the back-office loyalty management system and stored for future reference. Consumers can also use the app to report any issues directly to the back-office, where they are processed. To make their experience as painless as possible, consumers are immediately notified of a pending refund – also via the app.

Learning about your customers’ concerns provides valuable insights into what they expect of their experience with your brand. So it works two ways: both you and your customers benefit from the introduction of new features that improve the customer experience.

We hope this helps!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from all of us at Televend.

So, there you have it. Thanks, Televend! And remember, if you want to see Televend customer excellence modules in action, don’t hesitate to schedule a demo.

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