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Televend Launches Call Center and Technical Center to Ensure Optimum Customer Service

Televend, the leader in connected vending based in Croatia, has invested months in the development and perfecting of two new modules, focused on improving the quality of customer service and maintenance: Call Center and Technical Center.

‘One of the keys to success in vending is the quality of customer service’, Dubravko Hendija, Commercial Director, Televend, told PV. ‘It’s normal to expect that machines will experience certain issues from time to time and whilst we can’t change that, we can improve in terms of identifying what the problem is, improving reaction times and increasing the frequency of first-time fixes.’

Televend’s Call Center allows operators to receive information – or ‘tickets’ – from a variety of sources, including end-users, the mobile app; smart phones, or the machine itself. All requests are combined into a single ticket stream. In this way, notifications can be easily managed and rapidly solved. ‘Operators can reply to the users directly from the ticket, then Call Center allows them to communicate internally to get the information to where it is needed’, Dubravko said. ‘This ensures not only that the problem is solved, but also – and more importantly – that it is solved in the most effective and efficient way.

TelevendReal-Time Ticket Stream
Thanks to Call Center’s real-time ticket stream, no request for action can slip under the radar. ‘Regardless of how the tickets were entered – via email, manually, or automatically – each ticket lands in the Call Center, where it is assigned to the staff member who is responsible for resolving the issue’, Dubravko said. ‘What’s more, Call Center allows operators to prioritise requests in terms of urgency, so they can receive attention first, bringing much-needed order into the dynamic process of customer service.’ Alerts generated by a machines are automatically added to the ticket stream and often, this facility means issues can be addressed and solved before customers realise that there’s a problem…

Advanced Search and History View
An interesting facet of Call Center is its’ advanced search option.  By referring to ‘history’, technicians can search for previous examples of similar issues, saving time on troubleshooting and therefore reducing machine down-time still further.

Repairs? Right First Time, Every Time, thanks to the Televend Technical Center
The second innovation announced by Televend is Technical Center. ‘Technical Center can really save the day when it comes to servicing and repairs’, Dubravko said. ‘Technical Center helps operators improve scheduling and prioritize routes, based on different factors: the issue in hand, the urgency of the problem; the technician skills required, the availability of appropriate members of staff and so on. It optimizes your planning and helps your team to focus on the problem, instead of, for instance, wasting time in traffic.


Advanced Scheduling
Technical Center allows Televend operators to plan their schedules for the day or for the week, in advance, taking into consideration factors such as urgency, the complexity of the problem, and the availability of spare parts. For instance, if you know you’ll get spare parts for a specific machine on Friday, you plan the visit for Friday.  Advanced Scheduling also facilitates Intelligent Dispatching. ‘It’s not unusual to be faced with problems that require immediate attention’, Dubravko said. ‘The machine is down, it’s in a high traffic location, it’s a workday, and the client is furious. Time is of the essence, and Technical Center can help with that. It gives you an overview of all your technicians and their current routes. You know who has the technical ability to fix the issue, you know where they are and you divert them so the problem can be sorted out as quickly and as effectively as possible.’

Custom Workflows
Technical Center also allows operators to add a custom form in respect of each repair. They can determine the information that the technician needs, confirm the location, scan the barcode on the machine, determine the type of repair, and so on. By harvesting more information about machine repairs, operators can offer their technicians unprecedented guidance. In this way, the overall service process can be standardised to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

Mladen Damjanovic, Dubravko Hendija, Davor Timarac from Televend

On-the-Go Mobile App
The app empowers your field-based team, it helps them to get-up-and-go in the morning, providing a list of calls for the day, together with a detailed map that includes traffic details, and, for each issue, it provides links to previous fixes, negating the requirement to ‘re-invent the wheel’ on every call. ‘The Televend mobile app helps field-based technicians to integrate seamlessly throughout the day with the team back in the office. If an unexpected new issue occurs that requires the day’s plans to be changed, technicians will be immediately updated and assigned to the issue based on their skills, availability and proximity.

‘It’s all about improving customer service’, Dubravko said. ‘With the new Call Center and Technical Center from Televend at their disposal, operators are better placed to keep their customers satisfied – and loyal!’

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