‘It’s Not Just For The Boss!’ The AVA Wants EVERYONE Involved in the Consultations

It’s Not Just For The Boss! ‘We really are trying to encourage all members, their staff and colleagues to make a response to these consultations. Anything you can do to help would be great.’ That’s the e-mail we received this morning from AVA CEO David Llewellyn and as always, we’re happy to help. 

Remember: the AVA wants to share the opinions of everybody in the industry, ‘It’s Not Just For The Boss!’ So, without further ado, here’s your chance to have your say. Over to you Mr. LLewellyn…

Dear Members, we have a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to influence the direction and structure of proposed legislation which will have a significant impact on our industry.

‘…we need as many individual voices as we can muster to be raised.’

The AVA will, of course, respond on your behalf. But to ensure that Government and its Civil Servants listen, we need as many individual voices as we can muster to be raised.

So – take a little time out of your day and follow the step-by-step  guide below (it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to complete both) and make sure that Vending’s voice is heard!

This is not just for you, not just for Operators and their teams. It is for every colleague and employee of every member of the AVA, every individual or team member. Whether you are an Operator, Machine manufacturer, Product supplier or Service provider – please follow the links and respond. 

This is easiest if you have two screens!

Consultation 1


If you wish to read it, the whole Defra DRS consultation and impact assessment can be found here: DRS Consultation FINAL .pdf (defra.gov.uk) and here: Impact assessment: Introducing a Deposit Return Scheme on beverage containers (defra.gov.uk)


Consultation 2

Also open the Defra Citizen Space here : https://consult.defra.gov.uk/extended-producer-responsibility/extended-producer-responsibility-for-packaging/consultation/

  • Follow the ‘About you’ link then, step by step, answer the questions. You can then select to go to the next section: “What we want to achieve: packaging waste recycling targets”.
  • Most questions have an “agree/disagree/neither agree not disagree” choice. Just follow the responses on the AVA document. Then move on to the next section.
  • In some cases, a little more detail is requested. Copy and paste the responses from the AVA answer sheet.
  • Ignore/Pass over any questions we have not provided a response to.
  • Finally – come back to the main page and press “Finish”.

If you want to read all the Defra EPR consultation documents they can be found here: Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging (defra.gov.uk) and the impact assessment here: Impact Assessment (defra.gov.uk).

Deadline for submissions is 4th June, 2020.
In each case you will receive an email confirming that your submission has arrived. Remember, ‘It’s Not Just For The Boss!’
MAKE SURE YOU FORWARD THAT TO Steve.Collins@the-ava.com.  That way we can keep a count of how many responses have gone to Defra.

Many thanks,
David Llewellyn

More AVA content on PV, HERE



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