So Far, So Good: ‘Monyx Has Helped Us Win New Business, That’s For Sure.’

Monyx Wallet: Four months ago, we published an article ‘Westways: ‘Come With Us On Our Customer Engagement Journey’. We promised we’d go back to Westways for a follow-up story to see how they were getting on with Nayax’s Monyx technology: here it is…


MonyxBack in July, Westways Vending had just gone live and Monyx Wallet was installed on just 5 or 6 machines. Finance Director Natalie Baker had set the target of having 50 in place by Christmas. ‘We’re actually ahead of schedule’, she said when we caught up over Zoom. ‘There are 35 units in the field already.

‘People are enjoying using Monyx’, she said. ‘There’s a growing feeling amongst our customers that they’d prefer not to have to deal with cash on site and of course Monyx ticks that box. Another feature that’s been very much appreciated is the opportunity Monyx provides to create and target promotions.’

However, Natalie concedes that many of her end users ‘still need time to get used to it’. ‘The whole idea of choosing and paying for a drink on an app has been around for a while, but for many of our consumers, it’s a new concept and this is the first time they’ve come face to face with the technology.’

MonyxFor many, the idea of earning rewards by using Monyx is highly attractive. At an NHS hospital client of Westways, (main picture), staff have embraced the concept and they are rewarded for their loyalty. ‘It’s a token something for them as they go to work every day in extremely challenging circumstances’, Natalie says. The downside, though, is that casual visitors to the hospital tend not to download the app and instead choose alternative payment methods.

In July, Natalie was hoping that ‘going forward, it’ll be an additional benefit, something that will help us to stand out from the crowd by giving Westways a u.s.p.’ She said ‘our sales team is raring to go with it, we think it’s going to be something that will appeal to the younger generation.’

‘hooked straight away’

Natalie Baker

Natalie herself ‘was hooked straight away’ and the reaction of her customers has been equally enthusiastic. ‘Offering Monyx to customers has helped us to win new business, that’s for sure’, she said.

Part of the Nayax offer is the promise of on-going support for customers and Natalie has had first-hand experience of what’s on offer – the company’s series of webinars has been particularly well-received. ‘I’ve participated in two webinars recently and they’ve been really useful’, she reports. ‘Making the most of the opportunity requires quite a lot of knowledge in terms of what Monyx can do and how it can be customised to address the individual needs of specific customers. The webinars have given me access to the Nayax ‘brains trust’. Having a set time to sit down and concentrate on Monyx has been great. It clears the mind. It’s been useful to interact with the experts and their presentations are sent to participants after the event, so you can concentrate on what’s being said rather than frantically writing notes! Better yet, if you can’t attend a webinar, there’s always the opportunity to watch a video of it at a time to suit you.

So: is it a ‘yes’ for Monyx from Westways? ‘Yes’, Natalie says. ‘So far, so good.’

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