Saeco Royal: ‘The Perfect Beverage Solution for Any Business Bubble.’

Saeco coffee machines? So, what do you know about them?  If, like us at PV, you’re, let’s say, ‘in the dark’, then allow us to share our research into an Evoca Group brand that’s poised to have a great impact, with ‘The New Normal’ fast approaching…

Saeco Royal

Let’s take a look first at the brand’s back story. Saeco was founded in 1981 in Gaggio Montano, near Bologna in northern Italy. In 1985, it became the first company in the world to develop ‘bean-to-cup’, a completely automatic and innovative Italian espresso brewing system, from the coffee bean to the cup.

Not a lot of people know that…

Ever since, Saeco has constantly been developing coffee machines that can satisfy the tastes of people with different lifestyles and therefore different expectations, in and out of home, for both the domestic and professional channels.

The purchase of the Gaggia brand in 1999 strengthened its purpose of providing Italian excellence in the coffee sector. 2009 saw the arrival of Philips, enabling Saeco to become a global player, covering the entire gamut of coffee machines. The synergies between Philips and Saeco boosted the development of technologies and new patents

Those years saw the definition of the ‘Vending & Professional’ Division of the company as an autonomous production unit, focused on the out of home sector, capable of providing quality solutions for the OCS, Ho.Re.Ca. and Vending markets.

Aulika Evo Top

The ‘Big Change’ came in 2017, when the Saeco Professional Division became part of the N&W Global Vending Group, vending’s world leader, which at the end of the same year rebranded as Evoca Group.

Clearly, Saeco comes to the UK market with ample credibility, at a time when the marketplace is changing, largely due to the influence of Covid. But there’s more: Saeco machines have all the features that will be in demand as the return to work gathers pace.

They’re small, in terms of both footprint and capacity – perfect for hair salons, car dealerships; reception areas, break out rooms and the like. But the fact that many employers are considering creating in-house ‘bubbles’ has opened the door for Saeco machines to provide the ideal solution in larger, more populous environments.

Bubbles? One prediction is that the departments of larger companies – for instance, sales, accounts, customer service and so on – will be asked to remain segregated from each other. Therefore, we’ll see the emergence of a new kind of departmental culture in the office. In those circumstances, the deployment of large coffee machines – those capable of serving the needs of hundreds of people every day – will reduce and in place of one machine, we may well see refreshment services consisting of several, smaller machines.

That’s where the Saeco brand comes into its own. Compact they may be: nevertheless, they deliver an excellent, authentic Italian coffee experience.

The latest machine in a long line of quality products is the Saeco Royal. It comes with bold design and a stylish image as standard, and the professional and functional components it brings into play belie its size.

For instance, there’s a capacitive interface with photo-realistic images and an iconographic display, which makes choosing your favourite drink a pleasure. High performance, plus high-tech look? Royal is all this and more and it suits every workplace, from the most elegant to the most informal; characteristics that make Saeco Royal an astute beverage solution for any business bubble.

Saeco Lirika

Best of all, Seaco models are keenly priced; so it needn’t cost a fortune to give returning employees the opportunity to enjoy a great cup of coffee in complete safety.

Saeco has two further machines, Lirika and Aulika Evo Top, which, like Royal, use fresh milk to create the authentic taste of Italian coffee. Additionally, there are two chic pod machines, the Area and the Onda; perfect for when coffee, even when served only occasionally, has to be of the highest quality.

Remember: it’s pronounced ‘Say-co’, not ‘S-eye–co’! It’s a name with which we’re all about to become very familiar.

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