Pelican Rouge and Selecta on Today’s Coffee Trends

Pelican Rouge is a trusted quality brand for coffee lovers in 32 countries. Since 2016, the coffee roaster has been owned by Selecta. The company’s experts are often the first to encounter new trends in the coffee world and in this article, Pelican Rouge Operations Manager, Marijn Wammes, offers his insight into three of today’s coffee trends.

Trend 1: Sustainability is a Focal Point

Sustainability is a focal point in almost every industry, and coffee is no exception. Coffee lovers are increasingly aware of the economic and environmental impact of their favourite drink. On top of that, regulations are becoming increasingly strict. In Europe, for example, from 2025, coffee may no longer be imported from areas where deforestation occurs. This is not a problem for Pelican Rouge because we’ve been committed to sustainability for years, and we proactively invest in sustainable coffee.

Our current goal is to support at least 2,500 farm families directly and help another 15,000 families indirectly, by 2025

Part of our investment is on our own Selecta coffee fund, with which we finance projects that directly help our coffee producers. Our current goal is to support at least 2,500 farm families directly and help another 15,000 families indirectly, by 2025. We’ll achieve this by investing in farm-level programs and building long-term partnerships in our coffee supply chain. These projects focus, for example, on using fertilisers more efficiently and improving the living conditions of local farmers. Five hundred cows have already been donated, farmers’ incomes increased by 135% compared to 2021, and 37% more coffee could be harvested. Those who buy our coffee can discover these projects via a QR code on the packaging. We are also transparent about the origin of the coffee and its journey.

Our packaging is also a sustainability effort. Pelican Rouge chooses mono-material made from plastic. This mono material requires less energy in the recycling process, because there is no need to separate materials. What’s more, it also provides high-quality recycled products. Consequently, our carbon footprint is reduced –  a priority for both Selecta and Pelican Rouge.

Trend 2: Changing Preferences

In addition to being more environmentally conscious, coffee lovers are also becoming more adventurous in terms of seeking out unusual flavours and blends; so speciality coffee is becoming increasingly popular. Speciality coffee? This refers to coffee that meets the highest quality standards and has a distinct and diverse flavour palette. What began as a niche movement has found its way into mainstream coffee culture!

To meet this demand, Pelican Rouge now includes flavour descriptions on our packaging, so coffee aficionados know what they are buying. These descriptions derive from taste tests which were undertaken with people from varied cultures. Through a flavour wheel, the range of coffees is divided into six categories, each falling under a broader classification of mild, classic or dark roast intensity. This includes various blends and single-origin coffees, each with a unique flavour profile.

The demand for vegan options is also increasing

The demand for vegan options is also increasing, so Pelican Rouge’s R&D team has developed a range of plant-based powders suitable for making tasty and ‘creamy’ cappuccinos and lattes. In addition, this year Selecta is entering into a strategic partnership with Alpro throughout Europe. This will offer oat milk as an alternative to cow’s milk, allowing consumers with specific dietary requirements to enjoy a delicious coffee their way.

Trend 3: Beans are Booming

More and more coffee lovers are demanding freshly ground coffee, both at home and at work. Since 2019, the share of beans versus freshbrew and freeze-dried coffee has increased from 67% to 85%. There is clearly a shift toward machines that use coffee beans. These machines offer even more options and flavour variations.

Pelican Rouge
Beans are Booming…

Using whole beans makes for fresher coffee. Why? Because the oxidation process is slower with beans than it is with ground coffee. This contributes to the quality and freshness of the end product.

Pelican Rouge and Selecta pay great attention to the inspection process and optimising packaging methods. This leads to consistent quality in every cup of coffee we serve, including freshbrew or freeze-dried coffee.

At Pelican Rouge, we listen to the changing needs and preferences of coffee lovers around the world. With a clear focus on sustainability, we offer diverse coffees of impeccable quality. At the same time, we invest in projects that benefit coffee growers and the planet. That way, we can continue to enjoy our beloved coffee for decades to come.

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