Here Is The N&WS: N&W Has Changed Its Name To EVOCA Group.

N&W has changed its name to EVOCA Group.

When Necta and Wittenborg joined forces in 2000, the naming of the new entity was a bit of a no-brainer and the N&W brand duly emerged. From Day One, however, the name N&W had a limited shelf life. The group embarked upon a process of organic and acquisitive expansion that would add, (in no particular order), Gaggia, Ducale, Saeco, Cafection, SGL and Newis to its portfolio of world-class brands.

N&W&G&D&S&C&N&S was never going to work! The time had come to grasp the nettle and make a change.

The chosen name has just been announced and it’s EVOCA Group

EVOCAThe chosen name has just been announced and it’s EVOCA Group. EVOCA refers to EVOlution and CAffe. ‘As a global leader in professional coffee machines, coffee has always been at the core of our DNA and business strategy’, Chief Executive Officer Andrea Zocchi said. ‘It is an attractive market, with historically strong fundamentals, but also evolving, with new challenges and opportunities for growth. Our rebranding strategy is rooted in our past. It  reaches its full development today with EVOCA. We’ve looked ahead, beyond the established boundaries. We’ve  progressed on a path that benefits our customers and all consumers.’

EVOCAEVOCA Group encompasses 1,800 employees

For the record, EVOCA Group encompasses 1,800 employees and over 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries. The Company, head-quartered in Valbrembo in Italy, has a global presence with eight production sites, six R&D centers, over 500 patents and revenues in excess of €400 million. EVOCA produces one of the broadest range of professional coffee machines in the industry and intends to continue complementing its coffee machines with a range of snack and food and can and bottle machines.

The new ‘EVOCA’ trademark is said to ‘symbolise tradition and the continuous search for excellence, technology and innovation that are the heart of the Group’s history’. The logo visually represents the Group’s strategic choices: the red color is a nod to the brand’s heritage, and the coffee bean represents simplicity, strength and growth.

The new brand EVOCA reinforces its strategic positioning in the coffee market and is intended to enhance the company’s corporate identity in the eyes of customers and stakeholders.

We look to the future with determination and enthusiasm’, Andrea Zocchi said. ‘We’re ready to maximize the opportunities offered by this exciting competitive landscape in front of us.’






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