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MicroMarket Microscope Two: Increasing Employee’s Satisfaction and Recognition

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How MicroMarkets Increase Employee Satisfaction And Recognition (Planet Vending)

It’s true! When employees feel valued and appreciated, their job satisfaction and productivity rises. They’re motivated and willing to go that extra mile to make sure a job or a task is completed. The full story is on PV & OCS is HERE

Learn how MicroMarkets can enhance your employee recognition program! (365 Retail Markets)

365 Retail Markets Seals Digital Signage Advertising Agreement For MicroMarkets (Digital Signage)

MicroMarket Microscope Two: 365 Retail Markets has teamed with Advana, an advertising technology company, to add 365 Retail Markets’ 20,000-plus micro market screens — including kiosks, digital signage, mobile and AirVend screens — to its portfolio of advertising-enabled digital monitors, according to a press release. Full low down? HERE

New Oklahoma Micromarket Law Provides Savings For Operators While Promoting Food Safety (Vending Times)

In a victory for the convenience services industry in Oklahoma, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a law that defines micromarkets as unestablished food establishments and establishes a license fee structure fair to operators in the state. QI? Look HERE

MicroMarket Microscope Two
Gov. Kevin Stitt

Macro Food Trends Driving Adoption of Unattended Retail (Byte)

MicroMarket Microscope Two: Byte’s platform enables any retailer to deliver an experience similar to shopping at a store, but 100% unattended. A glass front merchandiser fridge has open shelving and a flexible format to sell freshly prepared salads, sandwiches, meals, and more. With the swipe of a credit card or app, consumers access the fridge and grab anything they wish. Once the door is closed, Byte’s technology knows what was removed and charges the customer accordingly. Straight from the horse’s mouth, HERE

The Meteoric Rise of Unattended Retail (Visa)

~According to Visa – and they should know – in the absence of a cashier and the typical bricks-and-mortar retail environment, cashless unattended retail attracts more customers more frequently who spend more. In the past decade, the growth has been constant, with just 10,000 machines accepting cards in 2007, to at least 1.3 million devices today. By 2020, the unattended retail market is estimated to reach $275 billion globally. Just, ‘wow’. HERE

Best Office Perk In 2019? It Just Might Be A MicroMarket (Minus Forty)

Most often found at workplaces with more than 125 employees, micro markets are the fastest growing segment of the food-service channel, with plenty of space to keep growing. There are currently 17,000 micro markets in North America and the number is projected to double to 35,000 by 2022. Been thinking about offering MicroMarkets? Read this, HERE

New MicroMarket Technology Caters To Those Who Have Vision Impairment. (Vending Times)

MicroMarket Microscope TwoYoke Payments said it has teamed up with the Randolph Sheppard Vendors of Wisconsin to enable visually impaired individuals operate their own micromarkets. Yoke’s system makes the checkout process more manageable by eliminating the need for cash handling. (Randolph Sheppard Vendors of Wisconsin (RSVW) is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing blind vendors with the resources and guidance they need to gain employment through the Randolph-Sheppard Act, a federal law mandating priority to blind people in operating vending machines and, increasingly, micromarkets in federal facilities). More? HERE.

That’s it for this issue of MicroMarket Microscope Two. We’ll be back with MicroMarket Microscope Three, soon.

MicroMarket Microscope One is HERE on PV & OCS


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