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MicroMarket Microscope Six: Get to Know Panoptyc, A 365 Retail Markets Partner

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Get to Know Panoptyc: A 365 Retail Markets Partnership that is Leading the Way in Theft Detection (Planet Vending)
Panoptyc has helped crack the industry’s concern with theft by leveraging artificial intelligence through a software and hardware solution to recognize theft and alert MicroMarket operators of suspicious behaviour.

For more information on Panoptyc, click HERE

MicroMarket Microscope Six

Selecta rolls out its Foodie’s MicroMarket concept in Germany
365 Retail Markets has partnered with European route-based unattended self-service retailer Selecta expand its micromarket technology into Germany with the launch of the country’s first Selecta Foodie’s workplace solution. Read the full story HERE

And more coverage of the same topic…

Selecta rolls out its Foodie’s MicroMarket concept in Germany (Food Bev Media)

Selecta’s first Foodie’s MicroMarket concept in Germany was opened in Frankfurt, and the concept is now available throughout the country. More, HERE

MicroMarket Microscope Six


Changing Seasons, Changing Trends (Vending Market Watch)
In the USA, Vending Market Watch talked to industry experts and members of its Editorial Advisory Board to identify the trends that affected micro markets the most in 2019. Multiple respondents said that the consumer demand for greater product variety was one of the year’s most impactful trends. More HERE


Design Matters – C-Stores Want To Buy Your Micro Markets (Vending Market Watch)
Micro market design is more important than ever, especially if an operator has any interest in selling their micro market business in the future… More, HERE

MicroMarket Microscope Six

A Collaboration To Serve The U.S. Coast Guard (Vending Market Watch)

For many in the micro market channel, 2019 has been a year of vendor collaboration. No better example than the recent joint effort by 365 Retail Markets, Fixturelite and Translucent, resulting in a perfect unattended retail solution for the U.S. Coast Guard in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. HERE


MicroMarket Microscope Six
And now, take me to the Coast Guard MicroMarket!

Micro Market Acquisition Speaks Volumes About Self-Service Progress (Kiosk Marketplace)

365 Retail Markets’ recent purchase of one of its largest competitors, Company Kitchen’s self-service technology division, marks the first significant acquisition in the micro market industry and a milestone in one of the kiosk industry’s least celebrated rising new verticals. More, HERE


Article Cites Pushback Against Cashless Retail (USA Today)

MicroMarket Microscope Six: This article underscores the many reasons for vending, micromarket and amusement operators to accepting every form of payment consumers have in their pockets. More, HERE


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