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MicroMarket Microscope Five: Selecta Shares Its Experiences With 365

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Selecta Shares Its Experiences With 365 (Planet Vending & OCS)

Selecta, one of 365 Market’s largest European partners, has provided positive feedback on their experiences in the 365 partnership program. Find out if a similar arrangement might suit your business, HERE

MicroMarket Microscope Five
James Versical

Exclusive Partnerships: The Future Of Convenience Services (Vending Market Watch)

Need more information about what partnering with 365 entails? Then check out this interview from the USA in which 365 Sales Manager, Jim Versical, sits down for a Q&A with Vending Market Watch. It’s HERE

365 Retail Markets Acquires Company Kitchen’s Tech Division From Compass Group Business ‘Canteen’ (Kiosk Marketplace)

“We certainly expect to leverage this to expand our leadership position, to enhance the already great dining experience that CK offers, and to bring our self-service technology expertise to customers we have not worked with in the past,” Joe Hessling, CEO of 365 Retail Markets. More HERE

365 Retail Markets Audio-Accessibility Feature Simplifies MicroMarket Checkout For Visually Impaired (Kiosk Marketplace)

365 Retail Markets has introduced an audio accessibility feature to its mobile payment app to help visually impaired customers make purchases from micro markets . The app reads aloud what the visually impaired user has selected and allows them to check out. Read it HERE, see it below.

Are You Ready For The Second Wave Of Micro Markets? (Vending Market Watch)

MicroMarket Microscope Five: The First Wave was easy for operators to navigate. To clients, the micro market was like a new toy. For operators, the message was easy. “Here are the coolers, here are racks, here is the security camera, here is the kiosk – just swipe and go.” For clients, the concept was magical. More selection, no more coin jams, better fresh food and cashless convenience. But now, clients want much more… Find out more HERE

NAMA Foundation 2018 Census Shows Steady Micromarket Growth (Vending Times)

Micromarket revenue continues to rise, paving the way for the nearly billion-dollar increase for the overall industry. Office coffee services continued a steady 8% growth over the two-year period. Pantry services grew substantially, prompting NAMA to formally add this delivery method as a distinct channel. Thought provoking information, HERE

MicroMarket Microscope Five

The Convergence Of Vending And Micro Markets: Hybrid Products Offer Streamlined Solutions For Operators (Vending Market Watch)

A growing number of US operators — 40 percent, up from 26.7 percent in the previous year — reported that their smallest micro market locations served a client location of fewer than 50 people. New lower-cost hybrid technologies including tablet-based and mobile checkout systems have enabled operators to reap higher profits from these smaller locations, widening the prospective client base beyond medium- to large-sized companies. While theft remains one of the biggest challenges for micro markets, the introduction of locking coolers and other security measures allows operators to consider market locations that may have previously been considered high risk. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em: HERE

That’s all from MicroMarket Microscope Five. See you next time!
Meanwhile, you can catch up on previous issues, HERE

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