Lavazza Professional’s Re-imagined FLAVIA® Drinks Menu is The Ideal Office Soother

The return to work is fast approaching and Lavazza Professional is marking the occasion with the timely introduction of a new range of FLAVIA® drinks designed to welcome your team back to the office.

Ralph Francis

‘As part of the global Lavazza family, we’re immensely proud to bring this new range to market at this time’, said Lavazza Professional’s Ralph Francis. ‘Many of those returning to the office have got out of the habit of commuting, for example, they’ll need to get used to early mornings again. Break times will take on added importance in ensuring that the well-being of employees is prioritised. There are many things an employer can do in that respect, but providing a truly excellent range of drinks is a simple and effective way of ensuring employees take an appropriate ‘time-out’. And remember, people have grown accustomed to ‘home comforts’, and for many that can mean a quick cup of instant has become the norm. So, if the coffee they enjoy at work is a serious up-grade on that, there’s one reason to be glad to be back, right there!’

The new range encompasses ten premium products. There’s a full-bodied Italian favourite Lavazza Qualità Rossa; Lavazza Qualità Oro, a unique combination of six varieties of Arabica beans from Central and South America; Lavazza Crema e Gusto, a soft, round and enveloping blend composed mainly of high-quality Arabica from Brazil and Robusta from South East Asia. Also added to the mix are Lavazza Espresso Italiano which is sweet and delicate, with notes of fruits and a persistent aftertaste and finally a de-caff, Lavazza Caffè Decaffeinato, that comes with all the luxury and authenticity you’d expect of Italian coffee. Pair any of these great tastes with Lavazza Professional’s Real Milk Froth to create your favourite cappuccino or latte and hey, presto! A coffee shop experience you can easily create in the office.

LavazzaFor those looking for a little indulgence on their coffee break, there is Lavazza Cappuccino, a strong mix of Prontissimo espresso microground coffee beans and skimmed milk powder perfectly blended to create a delightfully frothy drink; Lavazza Latte, made of a Brazilian blend and famous for its lighter, smoother latte experience; Lavazza Mocha, a perfect balance of chocolate and coffee and Flat White, for a stronger, bolder coffee with delightful bitter notes

‘With so many great FLAVIA® drinks to choose from, deciding which to try first won’t be easy’, Ralph said.  ‘That’s why we’ve created two sample cases, each comprising a mixture of the new drinks: one brings all the ‘Indulgence’ drinks together, the other presents the new coffees.

‘We hope that our customers take the opportunity to try these mixed cases’, Ralph said. ‘It’s a great way to allow consumers to sample all the great new drinks we’ve brought to market and decide for themselves which is their personal favourite.’

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