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Meet Katie King On The Vianet Smart Machines Stand At Vendex

Katie King: As a business that is pre-eminent in the application of smart technology in the vending and foodservice sector, it is important to Vianet Smart Machines, Powered By Vendman that they inform  customers about their on-going mission to expand the boundaries of the possible.

Katie KingKatie King, CEO of AI in Marketing, who has recently published a book with the same name, will be the company’s guest at Vendex. ‘Research for the book gave me unparalleled access to the sharpest minds and the latest developments in AI globally’, she said. ‘Consequently, the book features insights from brands spanning industries as diverse as retail, tourism, telecoms and the built environment.’

In her book, Katie King also discusses the tech companies disrupting with AI, as well as leading academics, venture capitalists, platform providers, consumers and many more. ‘At the heart of the book is my Framework for AI success’, she added, ‘which guides the programmes of work, which my company shares in its training courses and speaker engagements.

Katie King will be giving informal talks at 11am, 12am and 2pm and she’ll be hoping to whet visitors’ appetites, both for the technology that is here today and for that which is just around the corner. ‘The vending industry has embraced information gathering technology in recent years and the pace of its implementation is accelerating. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the people behind that trend at Vendex.’

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 AI In Marketing: Your crib sheet, written by Katie King

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are reshaping the business landscape. Ahead of the curve are the sales and marketing functions, which are being redefined. The drivers are two-fold: the increasing availability of data, and exponential computing power. Combined, they are causing a tipping point for which many business leaders are ill-prepared.

Gartner’s hype cycle states that AI won’t become mainstream for another 5-10 years. By comparison, Econsultancy’s research, conducted with IBM Watson, predicts a 29 per cent adoption in 18 months.

What is undisputed is that whatever country you work in, whatever your sector or size of organisation, AI will impact your business fundamentally, if not today, then most certainly in the near to medium term. We are here to help you prepare.

As companies begin to adopt these fourth industrial revolution technologies, for example using AI and robotics to augment human skills, and restructure work, it’s important not to waste money. Organisations cannot afford to skip steps, expecting AI to wave a magic wand across the organisation. Strategic business planning, and fundamental digitisation, remain important steps in the journey to AI success.

Working alongside our marketing colleagues at Zoodikers, AI in Marketing is a boutique management consultancy, established to help organisations to unlock the potential of AI to fuel growth. (Katie King)


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