Invenda Outdoor Vending: ‘Where street cred meets shopping experience.’

Invenda has launched a new outdoor vending machine that comes with street credibility as standard. Its tough exterior is made of robust high-tech materials, so vandals and tough weather conditions have no chance. In addition, the smart vending machine is equipped with touchscreen and sensors and its intelligent core provides a completely new shopping experience.

Jon Brezinski

The  financial success of Invenda, founded in 2017, shows that Ithe company’s smart vending machines are popular: Invenda CEO and founder Jon Brezinski and his team tripled revenues last year. Mars Wrigley‘s, one of the largest players in retail automated services, has already bought over a thousand machines. The advantages are obvious: “We have an inexpensive IoT solution in a modern and secure machine that will replace many of the 15 million overhauled machines in the next few years’, Jon says. ‘Our machines are already in use at airports, fitness centers, hotels or zoos, and now petrol stations, exposed train stations and shops can also make their products available outside 24/7, ”says Brezinski about the new product.

There’s even more to the new machine from Invenda. The innovative machines also offer fun and games for consumers. The software developed by Invenda can do much more than manage the inventory in real time or display promotions on the touchscreen, it resembles an oversized tablet. The software also learns from the consumer behavior of the customers to customize the experience

InvendaFor this purpose, anonymized data is evaluated and optimally interpreted by the software. So for example, a consumer visiting the machine early in the morning can benefit from a special on orange juice. A man looking to buy something in the middle of the night is more likely to see bottled water or condoms than a woman who is likely to see an advertisement for a candy bar or pregnancy test. Yes, you read that right, women buy more chocolate and soft drinks than men. ‘Women definitely prefer to buy chocolate from a machine,’ Jon says with a smile. Thanks to the integrated AI software, the machines know what the consumers are buying at what time. With this new knowledge and the targeted promotions, the advertising and product sales of a snack and drinks machine can be increased by 50% and more. The software also allows other applications that promote product sales: vending machine operators can also use additional features such as gamification options.

‘We aim to make our machines so robust that vandals are deterred from the start.’ Igor Baranovski

Invenda’s outdoor machines only differ externally from their indoor counterparts. They can withstand wind and wet weather, as well as vandalism. With a 5mm thick touchscreen of the type 4x4MM Invenda has developed and installed an absolute state-of-the-art product. Invenda’s hardware engineer Igor Baranovski says: ‘We aim to make our machines so robust that vandals are deterred from the start or realize that it takes too much time to break into one of our machines.’ In addition to the safety glass, the lock is also designed for this environment. The multi-point lock with swivel handle and half cylinder, and the possibility of attaching an additional padlock should deter every MacGyver among the vandals. The optical sensor, which reacts to people approaching the machine, will also act as a deterrent.

In addition to these features that make the Invenda vending machine even safer, the Outdoor Vending Machine has other advantages over traditional vending machines: the touch screen is designed to work in all kinds of light conditions without limiting visibility.

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