Hi! From Evoca Group Is ‘The Ultimate, Easy To Use, Cashless Payment System’.

Hi! is the cashless vending solution from Evoca Group that has emerged as a leading contender as operators in the UK consider alternative payment methods.

The pandemic has focused the public’s attention on cash as never before. At the height of the contagion, every possible vehicle for the transmission of the virus came under the spotlight. Consequently, coins and notes earned the epithet ‘dirty cash’. Perhaps Yahoo Finance provided the pithiest summation of the zeitgeist with the headline, ‘Coronavirus marks the real beginning of the end of cash.’

In a business forever dominated by cash, vending operators have resisted change; but in the ‘new normal’ customer demand is making them think again and Evoca UK Sales Director Craig Jukes is convinced that, as the use of cash in society continues to decline, the Evoca Group’s Hi! System offers the ultimate in easy to use, cashless payment systems.


‘Convenience for operators and end users alike is at the heart of the Hi! system’, Craig said. ‘Hi! is simple to set up and provides a versatile alternative to other payment methods. As well as offering the ultimate in convenience, Hi! also offers the peace of mind of knowing that the system complies with the highest security standards.

‘The key reader features a new security level, which delivers increased protection against hacking, thanks to a highly advanced data encryption system. Furthermore, the proximity reader features Mifare DESFire technology for cards that, in addition to ensuring greater security, can also be used for multi-application management’, Craig said.

Both readers can be installed on all types of vending machines, (free standing and table top) and with Executive and MDB payment protocols.

‘Payment can be deducted electronically using tags, keys or cards – one single device can accept either payment option’, Craig said. ‘Not only that, but Hi! can be integrated seamlessly with other employee systems, such as access control or employee badges – so long as those systems meet our open access criteria. This means that staff can use the same electronic tag to pay for their drink as they do to access their workplace.

‘For vending operators, Hi! is an easy-to-manage system’, Craig said. ‘It offers Bluetooth and other connectivity options, and a management app – Hi Manager – for data extraction and system management. The optional PC interface enables quick and easy programming of tags and keys, but Hi! is also compatible with some of the accessories of our legacy MiZip system.

‘Consequently, Hi! presents a range of cashless payment options that integrate with existing systems and that enable vending machines to be managed reliably and safely, Craig concluded. ‘In my view, it’s the natural choice for vending operators as they embrace a future in which the role of cash will continue to diminish.’


More information? You can download the Hi! brochure as a .pdf, HERE

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