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An Opportunity For UK Vending Operators To Benefit From Maskey’s Nation-Wide Media Coverage?

The PR success of Maskey, the manufacturer of face covering’s whose use of vending machines to sell its products has attracted national media coverage, potentially represents an opportunity for established vending operators, writes PV Editor Ian Reynolds-Young.

Adam Freeman, the financier and entrepreneur who is the founder of – and the brain behind – face covering manufacturer Maskey, is candid when asked about his experience in the vending industry: ‘I’ve used vending machines on many occasions’, he says. And that, really, is it. ‘It’s a difficult industry for an outsider. We’re learning every day, and we are indebted to Lewis Zimbler of Nayax, the supplier of our payment devices, for ‘holding our hand’ every step of the way, for example for showing us how we can make changes to the machines remotely, and so on.’

To date, Maskey is using machines sourced from a variety of suppliers and refurbished by TDR Vending Services in Norwich. Subsequently, the machines are delivered to Maskey’s 25,000 sq ft facility in Debden, where the company’s striking decals are added prior to deployment.

An Opportunity Visits by the company to its machines are conducted on an ad-hoc basis: ‘The software tells us when stock in the machines is down to 25% and at that point, we refill them’, Adam says.

The situation presents an opportunity for professional vending operators to write further chapters in Maskey’s success. You see, Adam’s mission is to develop a business in the manufacturing of face coverings, as opposed to setting up a vending machine operating company. As things stand, Maskey has become something of a media darling. Adam’s controversial connection to the BBC 2 TV series ‘The Apprentice’ may be helping on that score… However, regardless of the reasons for the media coverage the company has achieved, the ‘Maskey’ brand has secured priceless ‘first mover advantage’ in a market that is developing rapidly – and vending machines are at the heart of the story.

The downside of the national coverage Maskey is enjoying is this: it’s unlikely that Adam will be able convert solid sales enquiries for Maskey vending machines that emanate from beyond the boundaries of the M25.

For instance, right now, there’s significant interest in Maskey in Scotland; sales are going a begging: and if that doesn’t say ‘here’s an opportunity’ for  existing vending operators, I don’t know what does…

An Opportunity: Background Information?

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Operators: Can you establish Maskey vending machines in your area? E-Mail for more information, or call Ian Reynolds-Young on 0161 714 4354

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