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Worldline : ‘What the move to cashless means for the architecture of vending.’

Caroline Jeanneau

Worldline : With cash branded a ‘risk’ amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the curtain is slowly coming down on this traditional payment method, clearing the way for a further rise in digital payments across every business, economy, and society, not least in the vending industry, (writes Caroline Jeanneau, Head of Vending Offer, Worldline). Agility and innovation from operators and the ecosystem itself have accelerated as we move towards a new normal

In this article, I discuss the increasing move towards cashless and what this means for the architecture of vending and new approaches to the industry.

Worldline : The rise of smart vending – new needs and usages

As we navigate different territories, the current hot topic among vending operators is the change in smart vending within micro markets such as AI, kiosks, smart fridges etc. As always, consumers are front and centre: it’s their needs that are driving this growth. Now more than ever, they expect change, and the industry must act quickly to respond to this expectation.

Whilst traditional vending will always have its place, the approach, delivery methods and costs associated with the traditional model are shifting sands. You night want to focus on…

  • Deliver a frictionless consumer experience – Offer consumers more choice through, for example, a shopping basket, self-service and single payment at the end of the experience
  • Stay Aware of Consumer Trends – How do you rate your response to the rise in healthier eating? Do you offer vegan or vegetarian alternatives?
  • Think positively, think creatively – Meet the demand for speed and convenience by providing a 24/7,  environmentally-friendly service.
  • Stay Secure – Safeguard your systems and be cyber vigilant.


Worldline : Choosing a solution to take your business to the next level

The customer experience should be paramount and choosing the right partner is critical:

  • Hardware – invest as much as you can to assure you have the best possible infrastructure
  • Geography – this ever-connected world demands solid strategy, especially in terms of cross- selling. Think about the variations and implications in respect of different jurisdictions
  • Back-office capabilities – ensure you have an efficient portal and a constant client interaction method.


Worldline : Building relationships for success

Contactless and digital payments are a must-have in the new world. And yes, it might seem like a daunting challenge, at first, but you can make great progress quickly and relatively easily, so long as you have the right plan in place. Ultimately, it’s all down to choosing the right partner to guide you through the process. Personally, I recommend you get in touch with us at Worldline; but then I would say that wouldn’t I?!

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve found these thoughts useful.

Discover more about Worldline’s Vending solution here: https://business.worldline.com/en/wl-smart-self

PV’s Bluffer’s Guide to Caroline Jeanneau. Who she?

Caroline is Head of Vending Solutions for Worldline. She has over 20 years’ experience in product, strategic and field/communication marketing in the MedTech, FinTech and payment industries. Prior to Worldline’s acquisition, she spent over 11 years working in payments at Ingenico. Caroline originally started as a Global Operational Marketing manager role leading the global operational marketing and communication activities for payment terminals & services supporting all geographies across the world. Caroline, (it says here),  ‘is adept at leading and managing the global offers for the Vending market and is responsible for identifying needs, developing appropriate solutions, and defining the value strategies for Vending players.’

Blimey. I wonder if she can also fix air-con?! Ed

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