FLAVIA® Creation 600

‘FLAVIA® Creation 600 may be a landmark event in the story of OCS’, says Ralph Francis

FLAVIA® Creation 600 : If you’re in the business of providing customers with coffee machines, particularly FLAVIA® machines, the chances are you’ll know Ralph Francis, the man responsible for looking after Lavazza Professional’s distributors. That’s him in the main picture. Amongst his colleagues, Ralph is known as ‘Mr. Flavia’. Get him talking on his favourite subject and you’ll encounter his extraordinary evangelistic zeal: I’m not sure how his General Knowledge is, but with his encyclopaedic understanding of all things Flavia, he’d sail through the ‘Specialist Subject’ round on ‘Mastermind’.

FLAVIA® Creation 600So, when he tells you that the forthcoming  machine, the FLAVIA® Creation 600 is ‘the single biggest step change we’ve has ever accomplished’, you’d be wise to ask, ‘how so?’.

‘It’s breathtakingly simple to prepare coffee-shop style drinks’, he says. ‘First, choose your preferred milk. What’s yours? Cow’s milk, soya; almond? The C600 can work with them all, making it the perfect choice for vegans and those with medical conditions such as lactose intolerance. There’s zero risk of cross-contamination; no cleaning, no hassle.’

‘Then, pour the milk into your cup. It’s raised to the delivery nozzle where the milk is heated and frothed to the perfect consistency. Then, add your choice of Lavazza coffee. That’s it; job done. You take your drink and the machine is left as clean as a whistle and ready for the next user.’

It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But Ralph is eager to ensure the market appreciates just what a ‘game changer’ the FLAVIA® Creation 600 is: ‘I hate that expression ‘game-changer’’, he says. ‘It’s so overused these days; but I accept that in this case, ‘game-changer’ is an accurate description of this machine and its capabilities.

FLAVIA® Creation 600Following a successful launch in the US, the FLAVIA® Creation 600 arrives in the UK marketplace this spring.

‘We’ve commissioned a video to demonstrate what the C600 can do’, Ralph says. ‘Pictures paint a thousand words, so rather than tell people about the many valuable features the C600 will bring to the marketplace – ease of maintenance, how simple it is to customise a drink; how you can place your order via an app; how good it looks and so on – I’ll let my customers see for themselves.’

If Mr. Flavia’s reaction sums up the excitement that’s buzzing around Lavazza Professional HQ; a sense that something very significant is about to happen. ‘The FLAVIA® Creation 600 launch may, in the future, come to be seen as a landmark event in the story of OCS’, Ralph says.

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