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Primo Compact: Westomatic Unleashes Its New HoReCa Machine

Primo Compact, Westomatic’s New HoReCa Machine, Delivers Custom Coffee In A  Compact Package, writes Dan Tanner,Westomatic’s Marketing Manager.

Machines are not just for caffeination, but also for decoration! Clearly the in-home coffee machine market has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years. These days, coffee machines are enhancing kitchens the world over with their cool colourways and dazzling designs. OCS coffee systems are also changing. Take our Primo range, for example. It’s a whole new species of drinks machines. Primo was the answer to a question we had to ask ourselves: ‘how do we walk the line between practicality and style in HoReCa machines to make them as desirable as domestic machines – and how do we achieve that without sacrificing practicality?’

All corners of the coffee industry are demanding that machines are increasingly ‘sexy’, without compromising the consistent delivery of high quality coffee. On top of this, more and more of our distributors tell us that customers are increasingly interested in machines that use fresh milk, especially in more cosmopolitan offices and in retail environments.

You can load the Primo with two types of beans

The fact is that users in 2019 increasingly want a premium, fully-fledged coffee shop standard beverage from their work-based machine… So, how do we tick all the boxes? With the brand new Primo Compact, that’s how!

Imagine ordering your coffee precisely as you like it… Maybe your favourite is a medium-strength flat white, made with your choice of coffee bean and enhanced by fresh, semi-skimmed milk? The new Primo Compact from Westomatic can make it for you. You can load the Primo with two types of beans, you can use fresh and / or granulated milk; you can even offer a variety of strength options – all of which means you can provide your colleagues or customers with delicious, barista-quality coffee anywhere, anytime.

As an operator, the benefits don’t end there. You get the advantage of on-screen, step-by-step cleaning and maintenance guides, as well as easy access for simple refilling, cleaning and maintenance.

Primo Compact offers something unique in the market

At just 60cm tall, the Primo Compact offers something unique in the market – a fast, capable and versatile bean-to-cup coffee experience in an attractive, space-saving package.

primo compact vending machine

With Primo Compact you can choose to offer fresh milk beverages. All you’ll need are the optional fresh milk pump and add-on fridge to enable users to enjoy a drink that delivers the authentic flavour of a barista beverage. It’s a smart machine, too: Primo Compact knows when the fresh milk has run out and automatically switches over to granulated milk, minimising down-time.

Dual grinders, compact design; fresh milk options and more!

But don’t take my word for it. Visit the Westomatic web site to find out more or, better yet, come and see us at Vendex Midlands, on 9th April, for the full hands-on Primo Compact experience

As well as meeting the demands of the HoReCa market with the brand-new Primo Compact, we’ve also responded to your feedback by updating our free-standing machines. Modernised with brand-new graphics, the Sigma range now boasts bold new instruction panels as standard, to encourage passers-by to purchase a drink on impulse. Alongside this practical feature, we’ve made improvements to the overall design of all our freestanding machines, emboldening them with a bordered central area and a reflected coffee cup feature image.

Primo Compact
The Sigma range now boasts bold new instruction panels as standard.

All it in all, 2019 heralds a new era for Westomatic – because there’s much, much more to come…

See you at Vendex Midlands? I hope so.

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